Monday, March 4, 2013

Monster Mash

Hello Everyone, 

I cannot believe that it is Wednesday tomorrow - this week is flying by.  I have a few outfits to show you - so lets not muck around:

First up, lets do some backwards things - Frock on Friday: 

Vintage blue dress $2 Toffs
Orange beads and orange bangle - Trademe
Blue bangle - Hospice Shop 50 cents
Neon shoes retail
Birdcage earrings retail
I had fun in this outfit - one of my colleagues said I looked like a geisha girl!  The dress is a little large for me but I don't care.  I love the sleeves and the lace detail on the front.  It really is this colour - sometimes photos can show up too bright or dull.  Its a homemade dress from the 1960s I think - a Toff $2 special.  The obi I made myself from some Japanese themed craft cotton about 4 years ago.  The birdcage earrings were a happy impulse buy while in town with a friend on Friday lunchtime.

Before Friday, there was Thursday:

1980s  yellow skirt $2 Toffs
Zambesi for Glassons tee shirt $2 Hospice Shop
White leather belt 50 centrs Hospice Shop
Yellow shoes and yellow flower - retail
Earrings by ODI

Again, a $2 Toffs skirt which I think dates from the 1980s, and it only needed a good wash and an iron.  I love polka dots and I love stripes, so imagine my happiness when I found a skirt with a dot and stripe pattern.  Very happy. 
I also really love the big yellow flower.  It. Is. Very. Bright.  

Before today, there was yesterday.  Yesterday I channelled some pacifica and wore a mens Hawaiian style shirt, made in Australia of soft rayon with a cool car and surfer pattern.  
Would it shock you if I said it was also a $2 Toffs special?
Nah, you are getting the general idea from these posts.   

Retro rayon shirt $2 Toffs
Red skirt $4 Hospice Shop
White belt 50 cents Hospice Shop
Denim jacket and yellow shoes retail

Yesterday it was beeping cold and a southerly so I was not standing in my usual "take the picture now" spot.  My hair was in a quiff of sorts until the southerly untangled it.  If you can see it, on my jacket is a tiny enamelled Bambi brooch.  

So where does this blog post end?
Today of course!!

Truly Fair vintage dress $8 Presbyterian Support
Fabia vintage shoes $2 Hospice Shop
Cardigan $4 Hospice Shop
Paua necklace and bracelet gift
Paua ring - Barking Fish Emporium Port Chalmers
Opal Ring Trademe

Today was calmer and warmer!  YAY!  I read somewhere that New Zealand has had the warmest February since 1973.  That is a long time.  I think I am the most tanned I have been too.  You can see how wrinkley my hand is and yes, its bad for me to get burnt because NZ has very high UV.  I wear sunscreen on my face everyday. After seeing that photo I think I should wear it on my hands too.

Right, so now I am up to date with outfits.  
Lots of other things have been happening.  
Meeting with builder about house.  Lots and lots of emails between us and the draughtsman.  Working on the enormous pile of wood and trees on the section trying to sort stuff out to put through a shredder / chipper thing.  Looking at all the nettles and weeds and thinking how quickly mother nature takes over bare land.
My 11yo goes to school camp tomorrow for 3 days.  
She is gleefully telling me she will be 13 next year.  
Getting a pile of clothes and shoes ready for her to take makes me realise that my baby is growing up.
This weekend I am taking part in the Relay for Life which is a fundraiser 24 hour walk for Cancer.  I have taken part in the last 3 held here but this year it is inside the new roofed stadium. So there will be no chance of torrential rain and mud spoiling things.
I doubt there will be outfit posts as my team are wearing an assortment of tinsel items from the $2 shop :-(
Someone suggested a "onesie" from Bed Bath and Beyond.  
I made retching sounds.
I will wear decent walking shoes, jeans and a tee shirt.  
Relay for Life is not a reason to buy more $2 made in china tat, or polar fleece onesie.  

Thank you all for your comments and feedback.
I will try and post a FOF before I start the relay. 
Hope you all have a good week! 


  1. the blue dress with the obi is fantastic, you look amazing in it x

  2. The blue dress is a gorgeous colour on you and the massive hair flower is gorgeous! My brother's in Dunedin right now, part of the Barmy Army, Helga told me to tell him about the high UV in NZ so hopefully he's factored up! x

  3. That bright cobalt is a fabulous colour, and I love the spotty/stripey skirt with the huge flower. You suit your rockabilly quiff! xxxx


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