Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Art Deco loveliness

Here are some more photos of my day at Ranfurly for the Art Deco festival.  

 Left, vintage toys, top right amazing washing machine, both at the Centennial Milk Bar Museum.  Middle and bottom right cute donkey and hat display in antique shop.

The Museum has an amazing display of Art Deco glass and kitchenware:
I have an extensive collection of Bagley glass myself - frosted glass from the 1930s - however in my 1950s state house it is difficult to display as there are very few shelves and only one fire place.  In my dream home I will have (one day) most of it out on display.  I really enjoyed seeing all the glass and lovely china together, and there was also a bed room display with a gorgeous curved dressing table and linens.  In the back room which was set out like kitchen I found a very cute tin with two kittens.  

One thing I love are the boxes made from cards.  Vintage Bird Girl has a few.  My husband's family had a very large hexagonal box used to store the scrabble tiles.  I have very fond memories of playing scrabble and putting my hand inside the box, praying for a decent letter!!  Anyway, part of the festival was a car boot sale and stalls - some sold what I affectionately call "tat".  There were a couple of antique dealers and quite a few crafts.  But, my favourite stall was a lady who sat crocheting under a gazebo out of the sun.  She had lots and lots of vintage jewellry and .........she made vintage boxes!!!

 Don't you just adore the one with the black and white kittens?  She told me it was made from a Golden Book.  What you can't quite see in the photo is that she had also made a beaded tassel to use as a button to open the lid.  I really wanted it, but, had already spent my $20.  

On the way home via a road called the Pig Route, we stopped at a little town called Palmerston which has an impressive monument on top of a hill nearby.  Apparently you can walk up inside the monument and its on my "to do" list.  Palmerston has a New Zealand Books only bookshop which my husband and daughter dutifully visited.  If you look at the photo on the top right of the collage below...go one...enlarge can see the shop sign. 

Palmerston has a large bank (centre right) which would have held the gold found on the Central Otago goldfields before being taken to Dunedin or Christchurch.  The bank is now a shop selling expensive but good quality locally made jewelry, clothes and other art objects.  There were some very wispy cloud formations which I tried to capture in these photos.  It was a lovely day trip, just such a pity that Sunday was spent doing washing, cleaning, etc etc.  


  1. Nostalgia boxes - that's a great name for those card boxes. I have a few - love them. Love that scrabble pieces idea - I might use one of mine for that!
    Looks like a veritable feast of eye candy at the festival..

  2. What a beautiful day out you had. I love those card boxes too and would have wanted one. I say climb that mountain and see that monument!

  3. It looks like you had a great day. I have one of those nostalgia boxes that my mum op shopped for me. I use it for sewing stuff. That kitten one is really cute.

  4. Oh yes you know I LOVE those card boxes! I saw one at a vintage store the other day for $60....Yikes!!! I think they are so pretty & useful too. You were very restrained not to buy one! Ranfurly looks like a gorgeous wee town. We always talk about driving from Dunedin to Queenstown that way, but we love Lawrence & Roxburgh too much! Maybe we'll get there one day! Xx

  5. I frickin' love the South Island!! All your posts make me want to come and visit - why aren't there more jobs so we can live there, darn it!


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