Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skirting around the place

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good week.  I decided that I would try and wear a skirt every day and in new and exciting combinations.  

First up is the skirt that was recently a vintage cotton dress.  I had to cut the top of the dress off as it was not in good condition - particularly around the armholes.  Then I tried to add some shaping, put in a zip and made a bias binding lazy waistband.  It is a little big, which is why my grey top is out rather than tucked in but it was very comfortable.
Skirt refashioned from vintage cotton sundress from Restore $7
Grey tee shirt top, from Hospice Butterflies $2
Black obi belt, years old retail
Bangles 50 cents from Hospice Butterflies
Necklace from Hospice Mosgiel
Wooden Ring retail, Melbourne
Stone ring, Hospice Butterflies $1 I think
Shoes,  bought retail last week
I have slipped off the wagon recently as I bought a pair of black wedges retail - I know I already have a pair of black heels but these were so cute with the off-centre bow.  

Tuesday I wore a new combination of colours - pink and orange - with gold, which I consider a metal not a colour.   The outfit looks better in the photo than I expected.  The shirt is a little snug on me now and short in the bodice and it kept coming adrift from inside the skirt/belt.  However, the feeling of the skirt fabric swishing around my legs is just wonderful.  

Wednesday I wore a never worn before purple pleated skirt with a me-made top.  I was not wild about this outfit.  Although I love the skirt the top is very slippery fabric which kept coming out from being tucked into the skirt.  I felt like I was constantly in a state of clothing adjustment.  

Left: pink and gold embroidered skirt, Restore $7
pink shirt, Hospice Shop $2, gold belt years old retail
various pink bangles all opshopped
pink watch guilty retail spend
pink Melissa shoes completely innocent internet purchase
Right top: purple pleated skirt, Presbyterian Support $1
homemade top and pink card, Savemart, belt Hospice shop 50 cents
Right bottom: yellow skirt made from a maxi, Savemart $7
homemade top, gold belt as above, giant pearls retail

Today's outfit may have been worn before - but a quick glance through my library shows no evidence of this outfit on my blog.  I think it might have been a day when I did not take a photo.  Thus this outfit is "new" to my blog.  I wore my top outside my skirt to avoid annoying skirt top problem encountered earlier in the week and with the gold belt which has proven so useful.  

So there you have it - different combination of items and colors, a couple of refashioned items, some op-shopped items and some Made by Me items.  The question now, is, what am I going to wear tomorrow????  


  1. All your bright colours are great. I love the purple skirt. I feel guilty when I buy retail rather than second hand too.

  2. Beautiful and very romantic! Like you! I especially love the last outfit with the yellow skirt, so cute!

  3. I love your skirts! Especially that one in the top photo, it's so cute.

  4. I love the floral print on the skirt you made from the vintage dress, isn't it fab?
    The pink shirt/pink and gold skirt outfit is a gorgeous combination of colours. I hate having to fiddle about with my clothes all the time and find I tend not to wear anything that doesn't sit right or moves around too much. Perhaps a different top with the purple skirt would feel less irritating!
    You suit the yellow pencil skirt really well. Some fantastic colours going on here, so good to see! xxxxx

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment. You and I are at polar opposites when it comes to dressing. We do not get over 65 degrees here in this part of Alaska in the summer. Short sleeves here are not the norm. I was looking at your previous posts too trying to catch up on what you are doing in New Zealand, a place my family wants to visit. However they are going to Iceland in May!

  6. I looooove the purple pleated skirt. That outfit is great

  7. I love the blooming color in every one of your outfits. I am taken to a place of Summer meadows and dancing underneath the sun. You are beautiful!

    sending you happy spells

  8. That first skirt is divine. I love the are so clever to refashion a dress into a skirt! Xx


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