Sunday, February 3, 2013

I frocked on Friday - did you?

It's late on Sunday night and instead of preparing for work tomorrow I am faffing about on the computer trying to upload of photo of my Frock on Friday outfit!  I think it would be nice to post a FoF pic before the work week starts!!

Here I am standing in the shade at the front of the house - the white glare in the background is the harbour.  It was a very hot day so I wore a light polyester dress - home-made which I found at the Presbyterian Support Yellow Shop for $8 I think.  I took it in by adding some vertical darts through the bustlines and the same on the back.  It is still quite a loose fit but very comfortable. 

Home-made polyester dress, op shopped
Hair flower and sunglasses, retail
pearl necklace, gift from Dear H
Melissa "Ocean Button" Shoes from Belle Bird

Okay, time for some shut eye - hope you all had a good weekend!!


  1. Very pretty! And I admire you for being able to wear polyester in this heat! I can't even bring myself to wear a slip anymore at the moment... which reduces my wardrobe even further right now!

  2. You certainly did frock on Friday, that's one fine looking frock!

  3. Lovely frock, such pretty cool shades of blue and lilac. Love your hair up with the flower! xxxx

  4. I wish I was too warm! You look fab-you-lous!

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous and you are so clever to be able to take in the dress - I just whack on a belt and hope for the best!!

    Sarah xxx

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