Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some vintage tins, skirts continued and a bit of Art Deco

Hello Readers, 
Hope you are all having a good week.  Thank you for your lovely comments about my skirt posts.  I have more to show you today.  

First though I want to tell you about some amazing vintage biscuit and cake tins which I have bought recently:

All these came from the amazing Butterflies Hospice Shop.  All cost either $3 or $5 or $8.  The gorgeous vintage rose border belongs to the one with the lady on the front.  I am not sure who she is.  Anyone recognise her?  I have looked through a few of my vintage movie star albums but not been able to identify her.  The tin is stronger than the others and a bit smaller than my normal round cake tin so it is best used for biscuits.  The lovely floral one with pansies has the green print border (I am sure it would appeal to Vintage Bird Girl)and is just the right size for a large round cake.  Mt Egmont (before it was changed to Mt Taranaki) makes me think of Girl from the Naki, and it perfect for large square cake such as fudge brownie.  

Its funny how Monday is not a good blog day for me - I seem to be incapable of taking a photo of my outfit or even feeling like blogging.  Tuesday I wore my Diane Freis dress again - with a waistcoat as it was ever so slightly cooler.  The photo is a shocker and I see I have cut my head off and I am also wearing yellow sneakers which I did not wear to work but clearly was wearing at the end of the day at the time of the photo shoot.  Yes, those are the cricket wickets in the background, 11yo daughter has been practising.  

Anyway, on Wednesday I had a very important union meeting with management and I usually wear red because I like to be dressed like a communist brightly and cheerfully.  This time, inspired by my awesome readers I got out the green sari magic skirt again and was determined to wear it differently:  

This time I paired it up with a white tee shirt (originally a crew neck but like the lovely Desiree I can't stand tight collars so I cut it off.  What you can't see is that it has an unusual marionette design over the left shoulder.)  An old belt and some wedges complete the outfit - as you can see my number one fan loves it.  He is such a smoocher!

I also have a confession: I am a technical dork.  I could not make my email programme send my outfit photo to the fabulous Tamera who had a birthday party in the weekend.  I tried and tried but the computer/internet said "no".  To compensate I thought I would show you what I did wear in the weekend and would have worn to Tamera's party:

Here I am at an Art Deco Festival in Ranfurly.  Ranfurly is a very small town in the middle of nowhere and in the 1930s there was a big fire and a whole lot of the town was rebuilt in Art Deco style architecture.  I am wearing a vintage "Truly Fair" sun dress which I bought a couple of weeks back at the Presbyterian Support shop for $8.  

The milk bar is now a museum and full of lovely treasures which made me wish I could go back in time and live as a flapper.  


  1. Vintage biscuit tins. Oh how they are glorious.

  2. Love your green sari skirt! Those tins are amazing.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I can't resist old tins either! And you look great in your sari skirt and would-be party dress! xxx

  4. oK, when you tire of skirt number one, I want first dibs ;) too cool!!!
    have a great weekend too!

  5. Those tins are excellent!! Jealous!! I love NZ scenes ones. A lot.

    I LOVE that dress you're wearing at the festival/market - it looks amazing.. give us a close up!!

  6. I do LOVE that green trimmed tin. I have such a weakness for old tins. I can't seem to resist them if the price is good. Perhaps its no surprise but I like the skirt worn with the green showing. I think it looks great with a plain top. The sundress is just look beautiful, & I love the flower in your hair. Mr P & I have just booked our Dunedin accommodation for our trip in August. We haven't booked flights yet, but at least we have Dunedin & Queenstown booked already. I so hope we are able to catchup again. I am dreaming of a Modaks breakfast already! Xx

  7. Ooh I love old tins! I would collect them if I had room for them. Yours are lovely!


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