Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yay, its Friday! Frock On.

Yay, I actually managed to post a "Frock on Friday" pic on Friday.  It's a miracle.  Actually it's because we had a public holiday on Wednesday so I have not come home from work and just blobbed on the couch all evening and watched tv (or worse, played the sinful games on Facebook.....)

Here I am in on of my favorite new-to-me frocks from Toffs - yes, from the exclusive $2 section.  Its a New Zealand made polyester number which I think dates from the 1980s.  The front is quite low so I have to use one of those teeny tiny safety pins to keep things all together!
1980s polyester Wyndham frock from Toffs, $2
Shoes - retail
Belt - Butterflies Hospice Shop
Selection of bangles - all thrifted
Necklace - Presbyterian Support Yellow Shop

The photo is not great as there is a bit of over exposure (ooh er) on my decolletage - its not really lily white honestly.  By the way, its been a good year for my Dahlias - these are the ones I got for free from the St Vincent de Paul a couple of years ago.  

I started the week feeling a little cool - I mean cold actually.  We had a change in the weather so I felt justified in getting out a thicker polyester dress and my fave lurex cardigan: 

St Michael polyester dress - Butterflies Hospice Shop
Lurex Cardigan (Made in NZ) - Trademe
Shoes - Trademe
Bangles and necklaces - thrifted
Something funny was happening to my hair in the photo - and I look a bit cold.  I think I am saying "hurry up and take the photo darling" or words to that effect.  The foliage and flowers are from a recent visit to the Botanical Gardens.  Not sure what happened on Tuesday and as I said, Wednesday was a public holiday.

On Thursday, I made a really really special effort and wore another of the exclusive fashion items from the $2 section of Toffs.  I know, I go there nearly every week.  Actually I think I go there twice a week!  

The dress is a poly/linen blend, Made in Australia and I guess its from the 1980s.  The poofy shoulders give me that idea.  The shoulder pads were ripped out straight away.  This dress is very fitted, and narrow through the legs so I was not able to carry boxes, climb on stuff or bend down and pick up a dropped pencil.  

Poly/linen blend 1980s dress - Toffs
Red Obi belt - retail years ago
Red and white VW Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes - special birthday present when I was 40. 
Alas my attire did not raise any eyebrows but during the photo shoot at home that evening I had my favourite boy fawning around my legs and demanding attention.  The dress was very comfortable to wear - as you can see it has nice deep pockets and I love the detail on the top of the sleeve.  

So there you have it - three polyester dresses in a row.  Have you frocked on Friday??? Hope you all have a great weekend, xx


  1. I love all these dresses and I wish we had toffs in Wellington! $2 for a dress? Score! I love all these outfit posts, but I think I like the last dress best of all. Also all your shoes are amazing!!

  2. What bargains! You've got me in the mood for a charity shop now (my first in a week). Love the red polka dot dress and obviously your favourite boy does, too. Can't beat a photobombing cat! xxx

  3. Oh cats do love to get in on the photos hoot action, don't they?
    All 3 dresses are great, and such bargains! The red and white polka dot dress is my favourite, especially with the fabulous Melissas and obi belt. Love the colours on the first and second frocks too, and your photos of the flowers/foliage are beautiful. xxxxx

  4. Oh the last one is so cute! And the sleeves look like a polka dot shirt I made recently... I love all your colourful shoes too!

  5. Green/mustard in second outfit is a+.
    I think we need to attack Toffs $2 section together this year?

  6. Yay to polyester nana dresses. You are TOTALLY rocking those ones. I am loving your style!!!

    I have a load of posts to catch yup on I see!

    I can't find your e-mail address - but thank you SO MUCH for that very sweet and kind offer. My friend's girl just turned 11 last week coincidentally! Yes it's a mother's (and father's) worst nightmare isn't it.. linda and john 2010 @ gmail . com (no gaps) Cheers

  7. Thanks for the comments about Laos, glad you liked my posts. Love that last outfit - you are so Valentine's Day ready! (the best accessory is the cat!)


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