Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frock on Friday - double trouble!!

Hello lovely readers!  Thanks for all your great comments on my last post.  I did not feel 100% this week so I have only 3 outfits to show you.  

Firstly, I want to show you my Frock on Friday for last week.  

Continuing with the skirt theme I decided to wear a skirt I am not wild about and try to make it more "likable".  It's one of those "magic" skirts which is refashioned from a couple of saris.  I bought it from Ashburton a couple of Christmas's ago.  When I wear it green side outwards I think and feel like I am a Christmas decoration.  

So to change things around, I wore it with the side which is predominantly gold with green and red has an abstract pattern which reminds me of Aztec designs: 

Magic skirt made from two recycled Saris - Sababa Ashburton
Red tee shirt - Butterflies Hospice Shop $2
Gold belt and denim jacket retail
Vintage bone necklace Trademe
Selection of bangles all thrifted
I am still not wild about it but I do prefer it to the green side.  

On Saturday I went to town with my 11yo and dressed fairly casually.  We had to buy a new swimsuit for the Waterpolo player and took the opportunity to go for a milkshake and and shared Mississippi mudcake with cream.  While we were sitting minding our own business in the mall, the cutest little girl with pigtails and in a pink dress came up to our table.  She looked up at me and said "I think you two look like mermaids."  Well we were just delighted.  Do I look like a mermaid?  I am not sure but the little girl sure made our day with her lovely compliment. 
Paul Klee skirt - previously a maxi skirt from Presbyterian Support
Iconic Keep New Zealand Beautiful tee shirt - Butterflies Hospice $2 (it was brand new and unworn)
Neon orange shoes - retail
Selection of bangles - all thrifted except for the yellow rose one

Yes, that's a gratuitous cat photo to show you my handsome boy.  

So as I said, I was not feeling 100% this week, and thus there are no photos.  Well there was one but I did not like it so I am not posting it.  Today, I am nearly back to my "normal self" and it IS friday.  So here is a Frock on Friday pic that is actually posted on a friday:
Vintage Polyester dress - Toffs $2
Vintage du Barry Shoes - Presbyterian Support $1
Retail necklace - on sale $3

It is possible to be dressed nicely for work, feel comfortable but not too hot and look a whole lot different to all the others in the office for only $6.  What I also want to share with you is that I bought some Hairchalk this morning and put turquoise tips on my hair which blend in so beautifully with my dress that you cannot see them in this photo.  However, what made me smile is that some of my colleagues kept looking at me funny, but said nothing!!!   

I feel like watching an "old" movie tonight - maybe some Hitchcok or Breakfast at Tiffany's.  What have you got planned?  As for my weekend, you will just have to wait and see ;-)


  1. What a treat to see three outfits in one post. I really like the second skirt, & of course I'm rather partial to the Toffs frock. Loving the vintage shoes too. Mr P & I were just talking about Toffs today. I was telling him my 'must visit' list for our next trip, & of course Toffs is on it! Unfortunately we found out we need to buy another car today, as ours needs about $2000 worth of work, but it's only worth about $4000. So car shopping is now on the agenda, which I wasn't expecting. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx

  2. Hope you're feeling much better now! I love the print on the second skirt, isn't it quirky and unusual? x

  3. How cute to be told you look like mermaids! I really like your turquoise or mint shoes, I'm just beginning to enjoy mint as a colour for the first time ever! Lovely and cool looking. Happy weekend :)

  4. Hope you feel better very soon. I love the first skirt, I wish you did too! The second skirt is a fabulous print too, and the colours of the dress are so pretty.
    Gratuitous cat photos are always welcome! xxx

  5. I hope you feel better soon and I really hope you do more posts like these, love to see what you have wore. I love the maxi skirt - you look great in it!

  6. Oh I hope you are feeling better very soon sweet!!!! The blue floral dress is just fabulous on you.
    Happy weekend!!!!
    Love v

  7. Mermaids! Blue Hair! I like it.
    Do you want to catch up for a Butterflies lunch date some time?
    Glad you are feeling better.


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