Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have you ever had a "OMG" moment in an op shop?

Have you ever had a "O. M. G." moment in an op shop.  You know the one where your heart starts pounding a bit faster and you try not to squeal with delight but its almost impossible.  

I had one this week.  I called in to Restore and I was not hoping for anything ..... and then.... I found not one...not two.... not three....but FOUR homemade shift dresses in vintage fabric.  All in a voluminous size I estimate to be a modern 18 - ie with plenty of fabric so that I can remodel into something which fits me!!!!!!!

Here they are adorning my fabulous rotary clothesline.  Note I took the photo very carefully so you did not get a sneak peak at my smalls!!  Anyway, I paid $5, $6 and $7 for the two orange ones and the one with yellow and blue flowers, and $1 for the green one on the far left.  It has a small stain on it.  

As you may recall from my hotter than Elvis post a week or so back, I am struggling to keep my cool in vintage polyester so have been wearing some cotton dresses.  I have also been reading about vintage Hawaiian dresses having seen one (in size 8) at the Butterflies Hospice Shop, and as a consequence was on the look out for some amazing floral fabric.  I could not believe my luck when I clapped eyes on the blue and yellow one.... and things just kept getting better when I found the two orange ones on the same rack.  As usual I did a quick peek around the "fill a basket for $2" clothes section and found a nice rayon Hawaiian style shirt...and another dress.  The lonely green one was tucked in behind some polyester dresses which did not even tempt me.  Okay I was tempted by one but it was a size 8 and I was imagining it for my 11yo. But I restrained myself.

I just had to share with you!!  I am already so looking forward to the weekend because I want to get out my trusty Husqvarna and do some alterations.  Anyway, before I go I also want to share some snaps I took last weekend while I was at my friend Cindy's house (which is just gorgeous by the way).  It was a hot sunny morning and I sat in the garden and read a book and wandered around the taking photos.  Just lovely.  

So, I hope you have had a good week and wonder if you have your weekend all planned out, like I do.  I'd love to hear about your OMG moments too!!


  1. Great finds at great prices. I get those OMG moments often, then I look at the price of the item and am usually very disappointed! Never mind, there are still bargains to be had.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. The prints on these dresses are really awesome! You totally scored! I had one when I found a leopard 1960's cape in near perfect condition for $3 at Goodwill :)

  3. They are just the best find.......totally OMG!!!! So looking forward to seeing them made to fit.
    My moment was a few weeks ago, I found in a sallies a 20's velvet dress for $13......yip I just about fainted!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful and fun weekend.
    Love V

  4. Nice finds! Hope you can fashion them into something cute! My best OMG moment was finding a gorgeous 40's emerald green wool coat that fits like a dream.

  5. Ohhh, SQUEE, I love those moments!! Yes, indeed! It's usually when I find something that I cannot believe was NOT snapped up before I walked by -- like a perfect vintage dress, or a 100 dollar pair of shoes, get the picture! I love your vintage dresses! Have fun refashioning them!!


  6. Oh welcome to all those gorgeous new lovelies on your clothes line!! They are utterly gorgeous - I just KNOW they were waiting for you:). Everything's so green in the gardens - Cindy's garden is lovely too. We have to have a jolly cyclone just to get some rain here these days ... now everything's green or gone! xoxo


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