Saturday, March 9, 2013

Frock on Friday

Vintage Osti Dress worn with thrifted belt and beads
retail denim jacket, bambi brooch and shoes
Friday feels like it was a long time ago!  
I love this dress - I've had it for ages.
I think I found it at St Vincent de Paul 
and it was about $5.
To my delight I found another one in pink at Toffs on the 
$2 rack.  This one is in excellent condition
and a larger size and longer length. 


  1. I always say it, but your taste in polyester is exemplary.

  2. That's a great dress, the print almost looks like mosaic from a distance. And you found another one? Hurray! xxxx

  3. And the belt and shoes set the frock off perfectly x

  4. Love the frock and the little brooch is so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. man I wish we had some decent cheap thrift stores around here. The charity shops around here are getting more and more expensive every day it seems... like original retail prices!

  6. I love your thoughts, I love your style and I think we are gonna be great friends! thanks for the comment Friday ;)

  7. Funky hair!!!
    Yeah, love that frock. Great score!
    AND you found it in pink as well?! Heaven!

  8. I've fallen in love with that print. I also love the brooch :)

  9. Such a pretty print on that frock!

  10. Oh now look at that dear wee bambi on that fabulous jacket - I love the fit on you!! Denim and vintage frocks seem to have been made for each other as you've proven here! Gorgeous!!! xoxoxxo

  11. What a fab dress, how exciting that you got a pink version, too! It was meant to be! x

  12. Yay to a fabulous pattern on a great wee dress. I'm with Desiree, a good vintage dress and denim jacket always look so good.
    love V

  13. Love the fabulous print on your frock and I love finding twin dresses too; I have a few twin frocks in my wardrobe ;)
    I have a Moschino denim jacket that I bagged for a song at a car boot sale that I always take on holiday with me, it looks fab teamed with any outfit...shorts and bikini top or glammy vintage maxi frock you name it, it's the perfect all-rounder.
    Love your wee Bambi brooch too, great outfit, you look fab...xXx


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