Friday, March 15, 2013

A vision in pink and polyester

Hello Bloggers - hope you have all had a good week.  Last Friday I wore a geometric printed polyester dress in blue and purple and I told you that I had a version in pink.  Thanks to all the wonderful comments I thought I would wear the pink one for Frock on Friday:
Pink Polyester Osti Fashions Dress $2 Toffs
Pink Melissa Shoes bought from Melissa website
White Flower, pink bracelet and watch both retail
Knock-off Vivienne Westwood Orb earrings from Trademe
Iridescent vintage necklace from Butterflies Hospice Shop
The dress has nice touches - a pointed detail on the cuffs and a v shaped collar (visible in photo top right).  The dress is a bit worn and there are a couple of possible cigarette burns on it, but unless you sit on my lap you would never see them!

I forget which day I wore my Diane Freis dress again - this time with orange and cream accents: 

1980s Diane Freis dress $2 Toffs
Bone necklace and orange beads and bracelet Trademe
Cream vintage bangle Butterflies Hospice Shop
Jacket retail and leather belt thrifted
Orange Melissa sandals Trademe
I love this dress so much - it is comfortable, really well made and the fabric is excellent quality.  There are so many colours in it I can team it up with lots of different accessories.  Possibly the best $2 I have ever spent.  

The weather is definitely changing from summer to autumn.  One of my favourite plants is finally flowering - I think its called Sedum.  Anyway it is magnet for big furry bumble bees.  

I spotted the black necklace I am wearing on a mannequin in the Presbyterian Support Yellow shop a couple of weeks back and had not worn it.  It was $6 and I think the long beads are bakelite.  I am not sure that it as dramatic as the bumble bee on the sedum but I love the contrast of the shapes with the brightness of the dress. 

Earlier this week I wore trousers for the first time in ages and ages and I am actually posting a picture!  

Hennes trousers $1 Red Cross
Leather jacket $8 Salvation Army
Vintage Triumph Shirt from Retro Star Vintage in Melbourne
resin bangles from Savemart
Red necklace and obi - retail
Charles Jourdan bag $2 Toffs
Patent leather Miss Molly Brogues $2 Toffs
Handsome cat, model's own

Yes, I am posting a a gratuitous pussy photo as well.  He just cannot resist a photo shoot.  He was very suspicious about my bag on the ground.  In the house he will often try and get into a bag and go to sleep.  Anyway, back to the outfit.  I still fit the trousers - to my surprise - and I was fairly comfortable in them too.  Somehow though, I did not feel quite my normal self with out fabric swishing around my legs in the form of a skirt or a dress.  

Right, thats my lot for tonight.  Plans for the weekend include washing, cleaning, cooking, etc etc.  Oh, and hopefully some sewing!!


  1. Love the pink dress - and those shoes! Black bag is great too. You really find some amazing things!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. That pink dress is lovely and who minds a couple of flaws? Not me! Adds a bit of personality. The old rose lace dress is stunning and you look great in trousers.
    Always good to see a gratuitous cat picture and sedums are about all I can grow in my rockeries! x

  3. I of course love this pink dress and your lil pink shoes! I also adore your bright red sash like belt, so cute! You also have a lovely garden coming back to life!

  4. What a perfect little bumble bee, straight out of a story book. Love your pink outfit, the little shoes are so cute and the back detail of your dress collar is a nice little touch. Happy weekend :)

  5. Another lovely group of outfits - I love your "bumblebee" necklace. It does feel as if the weather is moving to autumn, if only we would get some damn rain!!

  6. All beautiful looks. I especially love your pink and orange shoes! I hope you get in some ME time on the weekend too - maybe sewing qualifies?

  7. I tend to overlook little flaws and signs of wear on vintage stuff - no one else seems to notice so I don't mind either! The pink version of that frock is lovely, I really like the 80s dress, and the black necklace is fabulous. My cats like a bag too, either to sit on or in!
    Hope you had a good weekend that wasn't ALL about domestic chores! xxxx

  8. Yay the pink dress is as fabulous as the blue!!!!!
    The black necklace was such a great buy and I am sure is going to be a favorite over the winter.
    It was just so lovely to meet you and thank you so much for finding a few wee treasures at our stall.
    much love V


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