Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello Everyone!
Thanks to all those who commented and "liked" the photo of me and the snowman on my Facebook page.  My Dear H and Dear D made a huge snowman in our back yard on Tuesday, sadly only a tiny amount of him remains today.

Hat, made it myself
Fun Fur collar, gift from friend
Vintage Goldcrest crimplene coat, St V de P
Boots from ReStore

I am a bit light on outfit photos this week so I am posting one I took late last week - it might have been Thursday or Friday I am not sure:
Red polyester dress with front buttons, Hospice Shop
Necklace, cardigan and leather jacket, thrifted
Belt, hat and scarf retail
Cat earrings and rabbit ring both retail
The next outfit is definitely a Saturday outfit - this is one of my first polyester shirt dresses, a Miss Jennie and its no longer suitable to wear to work due to the holes in the front.  It has a border print too which I love.  My hair was looking a bit unwashed so I shoved it in a sock bun and then tied a bandana around it, to keep it semi-tidy while I did chores around the house.  

Miss Jennie polyester dress from a Port Chalmers Fair
Grey cardigan and boots both thrifted
Bandana part of a fundraiser for child cancer
neon yellow tights, retail
white and yellow necklace from Salvation Army $2
This week has felt a bit disjointed because of the snow day on Tuesday - schools were closed and it was not safe or practical to walk to work in blizzard conditions -  and next week will be short as well due to Queens Birthday public holiday on Monday.  Alas the weather forecast is for showers so its unlikely I will be doing any tidying in the garden.  I hope I will have time to do some sewing (there is a pile of items to have waistbands attached and zips inserted) and I am reading the Cross Stitch series again (currently reading A breath of snow and ashes) and the wood shed is full of wood, so I know I will be warm and cosy.  What about you, have you got anything planned for the holiday weekend?

Bye for now, 


  1. Jealous of your snow!!! Great snow outfit.. Love the photo!!!

    Hope you're keeping warm!

  2. Oh Mr Snowman is today gone tomorrow.
    The snow was wonderful.
    The collar on your coat looks gorgeous sweet.
    Hmmm it will be a very busy weekend getting vintage treasure ready for next weekends "Vintage round-up", we are having a stall, yay.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love V

  3. Look at that snow!
    Love the red dress and the print on the grey dress. xxx

  4. I love your snowman, great job! Love you in a hat, you look fantastic. x

  5. That snowman is HUGE! The snow seems so romantic to us Aussies, although I know in reality it can be such a pain. I love the red dress on you & especially the bust detail. I hope you keep warm & cozy & well fed this weekend! Xx


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