Thursday, May 9, 2013

All for the love of polyester and some velvet as well

Dear Readers, hope you are all having a good week.  Hello to my new followers and thanks to those who have friended me on Facebook.  I have three outfits to show you today.  

First up today Thursday: I want to show you a home-made polyester dress.  The floral pattern is in some unusual colours - some brown and also some grey and peach.  Its a pull-over-your-head kind of dress with a reasonably wide neckline and massive pointed collar.  

Home-made polyester dress, Hospice Shop
Belt and cardigan both thrifted - Recycle Boutique I think
Bone vintage necklace, Trademe
Flower bling brooch, gift
Selection of plastic bangles, some old some new, all 2nd hand for less than $2 each!
 I think this outfit works well - the grey cardigan links in with the grey in the pattern and I thought a brown belt and tights would be neutral but essential accessories.  

Wednesday I bit the bullet and wore a dress which I have not worn to work before.  I was expecting a couple of comments about the massive collar and the pussy bow, but either my colleagues were blind or mute, or both.  

Vintage refashioned Eastex Dress, $2 Toffs worn with thrifted cardigan and leather jacket

This Eastex dress started life as a maxi dress (right) and armed with scissors I cut it down to a knee length and also cut off the tight cuffs from the too short sleeves.  

My last outfit is from yesterday, Wednesday.  It was not quite as successful as the two dresses because it was not so comfortable.  The vintage velvet skirt called out to me from the $2 rack at Toffs and the moment I touched the fabric I knew I wanted it.  

Vintage refashioned velvet skirt, Toffs
Thrifted ruffled shirt, Savemart
Patent brogues, $2 Toffs
Leather jacket from Sally Army
Two pairs of tights, scarf and belt all retail

A couple of weekends back I set about making a proper darted waist and a zip rather than the original pull-over-your-hips for a very wide lady skirt.  While I was cursing the sewing machine and my inexperience with velvet I noticed that it was probably not a skirt in its original form - the slightly crooked waist and different sewing threads pointed to a dress that had been cut down.  I imagine it was  utterly beautiful.  The photo top right is a very real indication of the colours.  The reason the outfit was not so comfi is because even though I put in front and back darts, and a side zip it is still a little bit too big and therefore when I turned and moved it tended to slip around a bit.  

Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness. This weekend I am planning to go and look at Kitchens - yes, the new house plans are progressing (at a rate slightly faster than the progress of a glacier).  Also, time permitting, I would like to take the Husky for a run, I mean for a bit a sew, to see how much improved it is after its overhaul.  I have two skirts needing new waistbands, including the black embroidered ethnic skirt from my earlier post.  

Bye for now, 


  1. That velvet skirt is gorgeous! Where is Toff's? I miss being right in town for shopping!

    1. Hi Jody, Toffs is on Princes Street - if you are going down Princes Street southwards, its on the left handside in the block after the Lone Star. It is pretty much opposite Haywards Auction rooms. Hope this helps :-)

  2. I think the grey cardi looks great with the first frock, & I LOVE those bangles. The second frock is a favourite of mine, it looks great cut off. It's probably more versatile now. And those brogue shoes are super cool. I hope to come across a pair in an op shop one day! Xx

  3. That brown dress I LOVE! I want a grey cardy!!!!
    Cool refashion mission - works well!
    That $2 rack at Toffs is the bizz!!!

  4. The brown dress and grey cardi are so spot on! the belt too and the bangles. i like what you did to the maxi too and it's fabric is gorgeous. I enjoyed reading about the velvet skirt. At first I was wondering why it wasn't comfy... clothes that slip and move all day drive me bananas. Looking fwd to see what you and the husky come up with. ;-)

  5. The brown floral dress is right up my alley. I just love brown and florals together. One can only wonder about the original velvet dress - hopefully it was worth turning into a skirt. The colours are fantastic. And I just love your stripey tights!

  6. I really like the maxi you shortened, the print is great, and you've made it more wearable for you by making it a shorter frock. The velvet looks beautiful, I hope there is a way to make the refashioned skirt fit better as it would be such a shame not to wear it! Just wondering if it could go a smidge shorter? You have such good legs! Oh, and I nearly forgot to say I am loving all the jewellery in the first outfit, so pretty. xxxxx

  7. I gotta get me a pair of red tights right now!!

  8. Love that massive collar in your first dress, but my overall impression is how magnificently you do colour. That second maxi upcycle with the red sweater is gorgeous on you. And the velvet in the last one, no wonder you fell in love with it. Too bad it twists... You could clip it into place if it's super-annoying.

  9. The maxi looks great shorter and I think makes it so much more wearable...its a amazing print.
    I just love that rose print on the velvet......its so beautiful. Lets hope you can fix the twist.
    Hope you have a splendid weekend.
    love V

  10. Hi Penny-Rose! I love what you did with the maxi dress! And I love the large bow/collar! Funny how people don't say anything. LOL. I so enjoy vintage clothes and clothes that are different from everything else out there! Your sock bun in one of the previous posts is great!


  11. Wow, I wish I could see that velvet rose skirt in its former glory as a dress! Not that it's not absolutely gorgeous now.

  12. I love all three outfits, but my favorite is definitely the second ... I feel fool love for pussy bows!


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