Friday, May 31, 2013

Frock on Friday and Diane Freis on Thursday

Hello, this is a genuine "Frock on Friday" post, because it's actually being posted on a Friday :-)
Polyester dress and bangles, thrifted
big pink fake flower, KMART
pink belt, tights and bling studded wrist band, retail
Leather embroidered boots and pink cardigan, Savemart
I love this dress - the silvery grey blue background and the pink leaf pattern with splashes of orangey-gold.  Its a generous size and needs a belt to give it waist definition.  The tights are too short in the leg (so I boldly cut the toes off at lunch time today to make myself more comfortable) and they are too short in the body bit as well.  I don't mind though because tights are an easy accessory to chop and change, so to speak.  

Yesterday, I wore a dress I have previously only worn in summer, but I teamed it up with a wool lurex cardi, tights and boots:

Vintage Diane Freis dress, Toffs $2
belt, beads and bangles, thrifted
coloured bracelets KMART
Boots, ReStore
vintage lurex cardigan, Trademe
Hat, retail
I liked this outfit so much I took extra photos to show you the details: 
detail of lurex cardigan and gold buttons
Vintage osti full slip hiding underneath
detail of hat - with pile of washing in the background!

I noticed that some Diane Freis dresses have been on Trademe (like ebay) recently for around $40NZ which makes me laugh because I only spent $2.  The dress is really well designed and made.  The fabric is a very good quality polyester which drapes beautifully.  You can see in the close up that the fabric is actually striped in maroon, purple, orange and a sort of yellow mustard colour.  There is a border print too which also features around the shirred waist and edges the neckline and ties.  I felt both elegant and kind of bohemian in this outfit.  

Phew, this week has been busy work-wise so I am looking forward to putting up my feet and reading my book tonight!  Hope you all had a wonderful Friday!



  1. Love the splash of pink in the first photo - great dress!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. The pink & grey work so well together....very pretty combo. And I love the way you've worked the DF frock for winter. Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  3. Two fab outfits, love your peace sign bracelet and the lurex cardi! Have a great

  4. Love both os these outfits on you especially all the pink bits:)

  5. I love both of these outfits, the colours are gorgeous, and the border print and the lurex in the second one are fabulous. Badly-fitting tights, they are a nightmare, aren't they?!
    PS. Can I beg a favour? Might you be able to make your photos bigger? Help my poor old eyes to see all the lovely details! xxxx

  6. I love your stack of bangles. The bright pink looks great with the grey. I often get frustrated and chop my tights up too. Mostly I turn them into stockings because I hate when the tops get twisted.

  7. I just bought two pairs of super cute tights that are waaaay short. I never thought of just cutting out the toe! Thank God they're only $1 so I can go back and buy more for every day of the week and make some room!


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