Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mid week post including fabulous Dunedin harbour view

Hello!  Erratic posting at the moment, I am afraid, Dear Readers.   The reason is mainly the less than favourable photographic conditions.  Another reason is me forgetting to take an outfit photo!!

However, on Monday it was Queens Birthday (yay a public holiday) and we went for a brisk walk around the harbour basin and although it started out sunny it soon clouded over....

Vintage Sonya house dress, Trademe
Vintage green bow tights, Hospice Shop
Boots and jacket both thrifted
Hat made by me from some old wool and a skein of recycled sari silk

I took quite a lot of lovely photos of the cloud formations and the water but this was the only one which shows the fabulous colours of my dress and tights!! 

Vintage wool pullover dress and
Vintage blue polyester blouse and blue bangle all  Presbyterian Support Shop
White beads, from my mum
Blue tights and rabbit earrings and rabbit ring all retail
Boots from Restore

I hadn't worn this woollen dress/pullover until today as it has not been cold enough.  Sure enough there was a decent frost and the car from frozen and white.  Its a handmade item, and well worn, there are a couple of threadbare bits, but that just adds to the character.  I like it with blue blouse but I would really like to find a mauve or violet shirt to wear underneath to bring out the purpley colour in the fabric. 

I managed to do some sewing over the weekend and have nearly finished refashioning the indian embroidered skirt I posted about a while back.  I also shortened a $2 maxi dress I got from Toffs.  I tried to shorten the lining as well, but I botched it up, and so I carefully cut the skirt lining away and zig-zagged the edge.  The dress looks great, but, alas there is no photographic evidence.  

Okay, I have a sniffy nose and a bit of a cold so I need to go and have a hot drink.  Hope you are all having a good week, 

PS.  Yes that is a genuine vintage key rack in my kitchen on the top left
PPS The piece of cardboard which covers the catflap is to keep out the draught, not cats =^^=


  1. Oh the weather here has been a shocker too! I'm really not sure WHEN I will do another outfit post as it feels like its dark when I leave for work & when I get home! I love that first picture - fab view and fab tights xoxox

  2. That dress is fab, perfect for a chilly day.
    How weird that you get the Queen's Birthday off and we don't. xxx

  3. What a gorgeous flowery dress. Hasn't the weather been appalling? I do think flowery dresses help.

  4. Oh I just love the grey pinafore dress.......they are a must in a winter wardrobe.
    Its been so very cold.......
    Bunny earrings are a must too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    love V

  5. Love the pinafore, and the print on the first dress is so pretty. Sorry to hear you have a cold, hope you feel better soon. xxx

  6. I love pinafores! I would wear one every day if i could. YOurs looks great! It's lovely to hear what you've been up to. I've noticed lots of bloggers are busy and kind of whirling about at the mo. we are all apologising to each other! Have great week, Penny-Rose. xx

  7. That view of the harbour is spectacular. I think that is very civilised having the Queen's birthday off, I think we need to copy! :) That dress is a great shape and I love the buttons all the way down the front.


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