Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasures from the Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale on June 18th 2011

Burns Hall, situated in the grounds of First Church, Moray Place Dunedin 

Hordes of happy fabric lovers

Amazing light peach/pink trevira type fabric cut and sewn into a skirt panel (photo by Lucy Gray)

Fabulous striped polyester - enough to make a short sleeved top (photo by Lucy Gray)

Cotton cafe curtain with fruit - about 2 meters - sufficient to make a ra-ra skirt for Dear D (photo by Lucy Gray)

Outrageous plaid fabric - now made into a wrap around knee length skirt (you know who took the photo)

Beautiful oriental print cotton blend fabric - perhaps enough to make a top

Fine cotton print from 1970s - 1.5m x 50cm - another skirt for Dear D

Groovy Baby floral print cotton from 1970s - small scraps only

Matching buckles from 1970s

Floral polyester - fat quarter size - to be used for decoration

Printed terry from 1970s - psychedelic baby!
Terry cloth in pink - planning to make some shorts for summer with these two pieces

Very dense woven wool suiting fabric - 1.5m x 50 cm - winter skirt??

Italian ribbon - suitable for gift wrapping rather than sewing

Shocking cerise polyester - fat quarter size
Awesome textured polyester - fat quarter size

Plaid cotton blend from 1970s - fat quarter size

Bold blue and red plaid linen blend suiting from 1970s

Polyester - apricot/orange/pink colour in reality - cut into shape of front or back dress sz 18
In addition to these gorgeous colours, I found a large piece of cotton blend white fabric - enough to make a short sleeved top, the bottom (skirt) section of a large crimplene dress in a lovely teal blue, and a tiny skirt, size 10 label Jennie Fashions in white cotton with a boat pattern which is so crumpled and creased it was not possible to photograph.  These items all fitted into two supermarket bags and were in the "scraps" and "remnants" section of the sale, and the original price was $1.00 NZ a bag.  At 1.30pm the organiser called out to all shoppers "Everything half price from now on....." So, dear reader, this lot cost me 75 cents!  The buckles and roll of ribbon were 50 cents each.  Did I get a good deal or what?????


  1. Ooh, what lovely fabrics! I especially like the fruit curtains! Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog! Much appreciated :)

  2. I love the fruit curtains, too! And the shocking cerise -- oh the things I could do with bits of that stuff! Send along any scraps when you're done making clothes out of them, please! :)

  3. Paisley and pink polyester made me salivate a little. What did you end up making with them?


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