Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inspired by Krista to reveal a little more of me.....

Tonights post is thanks to the amazing Krista over at Peetee's Palace.  Reading her recent posts has made me think about me and my style in a different way.  

1)How old are you? 
I am 43 this year, but I don't feel it, and I don't think I look it either.  

2)What does your appearance say about you? 
I am confident, I am not afraid to be who I am.  I also hope it says I am approachable, that I am not conventional, that I am not scary.  I like colour.  I like pattern.  I like colours and patterns together.  I find wearing colourful bright things makes my mood bright too.  

3)Do you judge other people based on their appearance? If so, how? 
I try not to.  But yes, I notice dirty shoes and I think about what other details are uncared for in their life.  

4)Do you worry about your appearance? If so, how?
I have developed an annoying dermatitis and rosacea recently and I do worry about my skin, in as much as I worry that it is not going to get better.  I feel guilty for eating chocolate and too much sugary food when it is possible that these things are actually a trigger for my skin problems.   I have quite a few surgery scars but I do not worry about them, they are my battle scars or war wounds!   

5)Is there a difference in being cute or being pretty? 
To me, yes, I think there is.  Cute is girly, as in young girl, with an innocent aspect.  I don't think I have ever considered myself cute.  However I like the idea of mixing cute style with say punk for example.  I love Bambi and have about 4 teeshirts all with Bambi on them, because Bambi represents something cute and childlike.  I like to wear these tees with jeans and studded boots for example.  As for pretty well, I tend to think of pretty in terms of perfection.  I think I have some pretty outfits, but I don't consider myself pretty.  Jeez, as I type this I am thinking to myself I still have body image issues!!

6)What do you love about yourself? 
I have an awesome family who understand and accept my sense of style and my passion for workers rights.  I love that I am able to help people in their workplace and make working conditions better.   I hope that I can be a good role model to my daughter and I love the relationship I have with her.  

7)What do you dislike about yourself? 
I talk too much sometimes.  I dislike the fact that I have a lot of grey hair and that I am not prepared to go au naturelle yet, so I get my hair coloured every six weeks.  I dislike the idea of putting chemicals on my head but I am just not ready for grey, yet

8)What career can you see yourself in?
Well when I was at uni I did not really have a career in mind, just something to do which used my qualifications.  I am not sure I am a career type person, I never really had a burning urge to have a particular job.  I have worked in administration for nearly 14 years now in different places.  I went back to work 12 months after my daughter was born - I could not see myself as a fulltime mother.  There are pros and cons to this choice.   I have been a union delegate for 8 years or so, and it is definitely a path I am very happy to be travelling along.  I am happy where I am right now as I can mix my job with my union work.  Eventually I might like to be a union organiser, or work for one of the charitable organisations.  

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Krista for inspiring me!!

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