Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Countdown to sewing time

I have noticed over the last few weeks that I am increasingly thinking about the weekend: thinking of sewing and crafting time.  Usually this happens on a late Thursday or Friday.  Recently it seems to be Tuesday or Wednesday.  I enjoy my job - I am an administrative assistant in an academic office at a University - I work with lovely people, I have a warm modern private office. But the desire to be sewing, cutting, creating, modifying, moulding and sculpting, threading, hooking, unpicking, sewing, unpicking (you get the picture) is very strong, in fact so strong that rather than blog about what I want to do in the weekend, I have just been mentally planning, and that is why there are not many posts from me.

My lunch hours are fairly routine - each week usually begins with a tour of the St Vincent de Paul which is one block away from my work.  Then later in the week a trip to the Butterflies shop which is about the same distance but to the west.  I often incorporate a trip to Recycle Boutique with this trip and a longing look in the window of Belle Bird where my favourite shoes (Melissa) are sold.  Later in the week I go to the Yellow Shop and the Red Cross which are two block to the south of my building.  If I have time at the end of the week - or rather, a lunch hour with nothing planned -  I sometimes go back and re-visit any of the above to see if there are any new items.  Last week I purchased the interesting border print fabric from the Hospice Shop which is now made into a very modest A line skirt.  I did not want to disrupt the pattern of the fabric by adding darts at the back, which is what I would do normally.  It is now waiting to be ironed. 

The point is that most weeks I am able to purchase something for a very low price and then either wear it immediately as I did yesterday with a orangey red coloured Atmosphere cardigan found at Recycle Boutique for $4.50 or take it home and refashion it and wear it the following week as I did with the large unflattering denim skirt purchased from Yellow Shop for $1. Quite often my sewing tasks are directly related to the purchases that week.  Except when I purchase fabric.  I tend to mull things over with fabric.  Take for example the brown/orange vintage peony fabric - I see this a a maxi skirt with minimal seams to make the most of the amazing large print.  Or the meters of grey wool blend suiting for which I considered a jumper (too much like a school uniform??) and wide leg 1970s trousers.  The left over pieces from the paisley border print skirt are just the right size for the two front panels of a simple waistcoat.  But the fabric is thin - I wonder if it was originally a scarf??) and I had the light bulb moment of using the grey wool suiting to make a reversible waist coat with the paisley!! 

So my "To Do" list this weekend, in order to fill the gaps in  my wardrobe is as follows:
1. cut out waistcoat from grey wool blend and make waistcoat
2. mend vintage print collared short sleeve shirt
3. assuming weather is good and lighting is good arrange clothes in colours and look for contrasts and patterns
4. finish sewing in ends of grey-green v necked sleeveless sweater. 

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