Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fantastic Score at the Yellow Shop 4th May 2011

Dark blue denim skirt - looks hardly worn at all $1
Bright blue designer trousers
with unusual seam down front leg and splits at front ankle.
$1. I did not try them on in the shop (the change room is not the best) but tonight in the privacy of my room, I did try them on and although they are too small at the waist which is very very high, they are almost perfect across the posterior and thigh. A re-fashion is in order and I am quietly confident it will be successful.
The colour is MUCH MUCH brighter in real life by the way!

Raffia handbag $3

When I walked in the door of the Yellow Op Shop I immediately saw a raffia handbag with brass handles which made my heart go boopity boop. Or something like that.

First I have to recap on my obsession with raffia and tell you about my first bag restoration. I bought a brown raffia hand bag with cane bead from Trademe just prior to Easter. The previous owner had re-fashioned the handles with thin wire which meant that the handles bent easily even with the cane beads on it. It was unusable. So I took it apart and re-threaded the beads on two thicknesses of galvanised wire and pushed the beads really close together to stop the handle flexing. I also removed the ripped raffia holding the handles to the bag, and the black wool (who on this planet would mend a brown bag with black wool????). I decided to use cream wool to reattach the handles to the main body of the bag. This weekend I am planning on making three cream crocheted flowers to stick on bag to link to the cream wool. A photo will follow in due course.

Additional purchases at the Yellow Op Shop included a pair of knee length denim Sussan jeans $1 (need a bit of wash and may be useful for my trip to Melbourne in August [or am I being over hopeful about the Melbourne weather??]), an unusual blue knit tie front top which did not photograph well in my bedroom so will have to wait for sunny day, and a CD The Bee Gees Love Songs for the princely sum of $3.

Very happy with today's purchases and already thinking about the weekend!


  1. I just discovered the joy of shopping in thrift stores! You got a good batch of treasures, I died for that bag ... Oh my God!! that bag!!

  2. Here I am trawling through your blog, which is fantastic by the way, commenting sporadically. What is the address for this Yellow shop? I am excited about all the possibilities these op shops I have never heard of herald.


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