Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alter ego dress idea

Rosy has written a great post and put up some awesome photos about Salon del Manga. In my comment I ask Rosy who she would be if she could make a costume for herself. Since I do not watch Manga movies (although I watched a few about 20 years ago!!) I fleetingly thought about a Star Wars character (but I never really identified with any of them strongly enough) before I started to think about movies which had really influenced me.

The first is Blade Runner and the character Rachael. To me her costumes are a mix of 1940s film noir, but using modern textiles and effects to create a look which is both retro and futuristic. By comparison, Daryl Hannah's character Pris is pierrot doll crossed with punk - her leopard skin top in this picture reminds me of the 1980s bar maid images, but her hair is ultra startling, almost wig like and her doll like expression

then I got thinking about Metropolis and found some great pictures

And there is a little bit more about the actress who played the role at Curious Knopf. Now, this look / style is not CP30 it far more powerful, and I don't just mean the clearly defined cleavage. "The Maschinenmensch (German for "machine-human") from Metropolis, is a gynoid played by German actress Brigitte Helm in both her robotic and human incarnations. The haunting blank face and pronounced female curves have been the subject of disgust and fascination alike."

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  1. Oh, my dear, I was thinking a long time in your question about the character that I represent in a costume ..... surely this would wake a Mr. Hyde in me .... I like to dress up as the villain of the television series "V", those who feed on mice and dreamed of conquering the world, Wow! No, I'd rather stay as I am, lol.


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