Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Sunny Saturday, 14th May

Hi Everyone,
Lots to report so forgive me for a list rather than my usual textual ramblings!

1. happy to report that the vandal who broke the window of the Butterflies shop has been caught.
2. my trip to Wellington to attend a Women's Network Meeting was very successful, interesting and tiring.
3. I discovered 3 fabulous op-shops in Kilbirnie -

  • the Red Cross Shop - beautifully laid out by colour and very clean. Prices a little high compared to Dunedin but all products in excellent condition, and really impressed with designer label items!
  • the Salvation Army Store - a true rummage and random store with a wide selection of all kinds of items. Nothing caught my eye to buy, but I was very impressed with the carefully plastic wrapped bed linen which was also neatly folded and displayed.
  • a Hospice shop tucked in a small shopping arcade - sorry can't remember the name! This was an absolute treasure trove - the $1 table was awesome and the only reason I did not buy the Anne Mardel trouser suit in purple shot satin, the cotton tops and pink skirt, was that I would have needed another bag to take on the plane.....

4. I also discovered a totally awesome shop - again tucked away of the main street. I saw a sign saying "recycled" but could not read the rest so wandered down an alleyway/drive way for a look and WOW it was a RECYCLED KIMONO SHOP! I was in such a state of excitement I was trembling! Because I had to return to the conference I knew I had a time limit, so chose one Kimono from the $5 pile and as I looked upwards and round towards the counter to pay I saw a PURPLE KIMONO WITH PEONIES on it. My heart bounced right out up through my throat and onto the floor! It was $25. The smells of sandalwood and camphor was so amazing too. Anyway, after the end of the first day session my companion and I went back to the shop for a better look around and admired the laquerwork boxes, the porcelain bowls, the statues and the obi, kimono and other silk items. I bought two hairslides and a vintage sandalwood or cedar fan for My dear Daughter. Just washed the first kimono and it is drying in the autumn sun in my back yard. I will take a photo soon. My plan is to make it into a skirt and jacket!!

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