Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Working in the kitchen over Easter

Here I am working at the kitchen table during the Easter Holidays. I must say I was quite pleased with my achievements! I did ignore my To Do List for a little while as I purchased an unusual batik sarong $4 from Savemart which I wanted to convert into an A line shaped skirt without making any vertical cuts in the fabric. I managed to do this by using a pattern which never fails for me but by making pleats at the hip area on both sides and small pleats at the back where I would normally put darts. The result is a boxy kind of shaped skirt which maximises the fabric.

After making this skirt, I then readjusted the waist on the brown stretch skirt I made after Christmas which was slightly big. I also adjusted the 3/4 length pants made at the same time. For the skirt I just made the darts at the bag slightly bigger - unpicking the binding around the waist first, and then re-attaching. With the trousers I took in 1/4 inch through the front seam through the crotch and back seam. It did not "seem" very much but when I tried them on the fit was as good as perfect! Again, I unpicked the binding at the waist (there is no waistband) and re-attached for the neatest possible finish.

In the photo is some floral material - yes dear reader a project not on my To do List! This floral material started out as a 1970s skirt - which in hindsight was my first ever attempt at a Retro pattern. It did not work because the size of the pattern is nothing like my size. So I had to convert it to a skirt that is my size. Due to problems loading photos tonight, my next post will tell more of the floral pattern skirt conversion project.

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