Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday - my favourite day of the week

Thank goodness it is Friday!!!!

My Sister has been visiting this week and we met for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  Being a visitor to the fair Edinburgh of the South she had been given the state tour of landmarks museums art galleries and shopping malls by my parents so I made sure that I showed her some different places.

We went on a very quick trip to the St Vincent de Paul and a lengthier and more productive trip to the Butterflies Shop.  As one of my blog readers - who has not yet worked out how to be a follower, bless her! - she was more than familiar with the names of these places and to my delight recognised items of clothing I was wearing and in my wardrobe from my blog posts.  She "gets" my desire to buy 2nd hand and has been with me on a highly successful trip to the SaveMart near DressMart in Christchurch, so she was not squeamish about being in an op shop.

She spotted some awesome paisley border print fabric which curiously had cotton pockets sewn into it, so we assumed it used to be a skirt before someone took most of it apart.  In the haberdashery box I found some black metal and clear plastic press studs, some Vylene hemming tape and a buckle make from coconut shell.

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  1. What a nice reunion with your sister, this post exudes feeling, I'm glad you have this connection with your sister in all these respects, I am excited to see this piece of Paisley.


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