Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting back into the blogging

 Here is a close up of the fabulous art print dress I bought from Presbyterian Yellow shop a couple of weeks ago.  It was on the Retro Rack for the princely sum of $8.  It was at the time one of my more expensive purchases as I seem to have made $10 per item the ceiling of my budget.  I think this is similar to Paul Klee - I have looked in my art books, but cannot find an exact match.  If you recognise the art, please let me know. 
 Here I am in my bathroom trying to take a picture....
 ...and here I am in the kitchen.  Thanks to my gorgeous Dear D for taking this picture of me.  As you can see this is a fairly generously proportioned dress but I have not yet decided what to do with it.  Do I make is shorter and more fitting?  You can't see the bottom part but it is ankle length so even if I cut it at knee level there would be enough for a mini skirt or top. 
 Mmmmmm, spiced apple cake - recipe by Alison Holst. 
 A torso only shot of the kimono fabric turned into a kimono sleeved top.  I am having issues with this design as I am convinced that it does not flatter a small bust.  But, you be the judge, please, I need someone to be honest with me, as my lovely family mainly say "its lovely Mummy" or "its lovely Darling".  Ofcourse, if I am wearing something truly hideous I have to endure the screams of horror and laughter. 

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  1. I love the print on the dress, but I don't recognise it. I think it would look great shorter and more fitted. I like the design of the top. I have quite a few of similar styles and I have a (really) small bust. I usually wear them tucked in though because I like high waisted things.


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