Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OP SHOP Review Bev's Place, South Dunedin

It was a windy, but sunny Saturday afternoon. Husband and I had just been to the Salt Water Cafe for a hot drink - yes we were childless - and were making our way back towards town. As we drove along Prince Albert Road, Bev's place beckoned me with planters of what could have been the dreaded agapanthas or perhaps seriously overgrown spider plant. So we parked outside and dodged the seagulls squabbling over a spilt packet of hot potato chips and went inside.

My first impression / thought was "why can't i reach that rack of clothes" and then I realised it was probably meant to be outside but due to the wind had been hauled inside and pushed in a corner. A room at the back was also full of clothes but when I examined them closely all i saw was Millers and Classic Clothing labels and nothing to really pique my curiousity. Hanging over the door to this funny little room was a kind of cool sleeveless polyester dress in a sort of 1960s pattern, so I enquired of the lady at the counter, 'how much is the dress' and she said, oh just bring it to the counter. Then I realised, nothing in the shop was actually priced. This seemed a little odd, but because I am nosey I had a good squirrel around, and sure enough most of the items in the shop were not priced. Bev asked me if I wanted to look at the furniture in the shop next door, so I thought, what the hey, and said yes. Husband was looking at books but he followed me and we both oohed and aahed over a lovely deco dressing table with ridiculously small drawers and a huge, I mean huge round mirror which tilted. Unlike some of the other furniture which had been reconditioned with a dose of red shoe polish or fake mahogany stain, the Deco dressing table was still untouched by over enthusiastic furniture restorers. Yes Bev, the dovetailing is lovely. Yes, its a very nice example. Husband and I waited for her to return to the main shop (in case opportunistic shoppers were stealing unpriced items such as the copper art or brass birds) and we did think that $195 was actually not a bad price for such a nice piece, but it was completely useless as modern women like myself have lots of small items such as undies and scarves etc and the small drawers would just not be enough. So sadly for Bev, we left without spending a cent.

If you are thinking of going to Bev's place, bear in mind that she seems to make prices up for clothes, which is a pity because what I saw was in good condition, did not smell and appeared to have been washed and ironed. Her selection of furniture was pretty good and prices reasonable.
Overall opinion - would happily call in again but would not visit regularly due to pricing situation. 5/10


  1. Just found your blog when I was confirming the name of Bev's Place for my blog. Your reviews are just what I've been needing! There's such a range of OP-Shops in Dunedin; great to be able to read up on other's experiences!
    I also encountered the awkward absence of prices here. I mentioned to the hovering Bev that I'd been looking on trademe for similar items - she asked me how they were priced. She then knocked about 30% off of the price I quoted.
    I completely agree with your rating. Good quality, reasonable prices - but oh so awkward.

    1. Hi Steph, thanks for your comment. I agree, there are a huge number of opshops, and the quality varies so much. I don't get to South Dunedin very often, but when I do I tend to do all the op shops I can handle by starting on Prince Albert Road and working my way back up to Cargills corner. Happy op shopping!!


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