Monday, September 13, 2010

3 hour sweater continued

Well, I took my time and read most of the posts on the 3 hour sweater (link on my earlier post) and to my delight I have discovered that it is possible to knit this sweater as per the pattern BUT it is really small. It is also possible to modify the pattern and it turn out successfully - yay where is my graph paper and pencil??? I could change needles but this will make it small as a 1930s size 16 is nothing what so ever like a modern 16.

So armed with this information, the Knitting Needle Conversion chart carefully printed off (took ages as I had not connected printer to computer......) and two containers full of knitting needsles I am going to start this project. Again. Part of me wishes I had not pulled the first undone as I had got it to work and fit! GRRRR but, i think that a softer yarn (ie lighter in weight) would be just lovely for this project.

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