Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cute Blue Canterbury Vest

On Wednesday I spotted a cute blue Canterbury wool vest at St V de P but was undecided on whether it would "fit" with my style.

By Thursday morning I had resolved that if it was still in the shop I would get it. To my pleasure it was still hanging on the rack amid Concept and Expressions synthetic polo-neck sweaters. I lovingly washed it last night and dried it on the clothes airer in front of the fire. Alas poor H found the smell made him nauseaous so it spent some time in the laundry draped over a basket until H went to bed early and I could bring it back into the lounge. By breakfast this morning it was dry.

I am delighted with it - the colour is fresh and it is a good fit. Teamed up with mens dinner shirt and To A T trousers I must say it looks quite preppy!

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