Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspired by Scotland

Today I am inspired by Scotland - wearing the kilt and the Glengyle cardi from St V de P. I never realised that my derriere feels cold sometimes, until I wore this kilt. Now I am snuggley and warm!

Last night I made my very first stuffed toy. This is the project:

I made him in blue gingham and put the seams on the outside. I am going over the seams with blue wool making my stitches all sit next to each other, and some slightly longer or shorter than others. The affect is really nice. Only major problem was the stuffing part - what to stuff it with rather. So I got out the scissors and cut off the sleeve from the finished but only partially sewn together fluffy Panda Scandal Sweater I made dear D. I did not realise that the kitchen floor would resemble a toy factory with all the hairs of light blue fluff Scandal. However, it all stuffed into the little dog reasonabley well. A bit of the stitching on the chest area came undone, but now I am going over with the blue wool it won't matter. Photo to follow shortly.

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