Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring is Springing

Spring is here - its September now.  I want to show a couple of outfits which include new-to-me items from the wonderful Vintage Bird Girl.  

On the left I am wearing a vintage courtelle sweater and a 1980s multicoloured skirt which was gifted to me by a work colleague (she wore it at a karaoke night).  On the right, is a blue and pink (Made in Taiwan) vintage styled blouse which made me gasp "be still my beating heart" when I clapped eyes on it.  It was a gift from my dear friend VBG:

Here's a close up of the details:

Left: Gorgeous stag brooch from VBG and flower brooch Trademe.  Centre, black patent shoes Toffs $2 and pink and yellow polka dot socks, retail.  Right, Be Still My Beating Heart polyester Blouse from VBG and black glass deco necklace, Trademe .

Do you ever have one of those evenings when blogging when everything takes soooooo muuuuuuuucccccccchhhhh loooooonger than you anticipated?  I am having one of those evenings.  The "broadband" in my neighbourhood should be renamed 'narrow band'.  Anyway, its taken what feels like hours to make these collages and write this post but I am determined to show you one more thing (and hopefully the internet connection won't drop again!)

VBG gifted me an item of pure gorgeousness - Dear Readers I present to you the Deer and Fawn thermometer.  A Gift From Toowoomba.  

I just love deer and this kitschy item is right at home on the window ledge in my office.  Its a pretty accurate thermometer too which makes it handy as well as what I call the Piece de Resistance of my kitsch ornament collection.  Mother and Bambi have joined Elasti-cat (a cat ofcourse), Thumper (the Rabbit), Pedro the Donkey, Perdita the Poodle and Robbie the Reindeer (his tail is just visible by Thumper's ear).  

So that's all my laptop can handle tonight folks - its so hot my lap is burning.  What is the point of calling it a laptop if its not possible to have it on your lap?  

Hope you are all having a good week!


  1. Your new deer and fawn thermometer is off the scale! Love it.

  2. Isn't VBG a sweetheart? That OBD (obligatory blogger deer) is hilarious and the blouse is so pretty! xxx

  3. Oh look at all the loveliness from the beautiful VBG.....she is a gem.
    The blouse is so pretty.
    Love V

  4. Lovely blouse, Leisa is a honey! Your shelf of kitsch is fabulous, and the gold'n'glitzy deer thermometer fits in perfectly! xxxx

  5. The deer thermometer is so fun! And I love that pink deer brooch and pop pf pink polka dot socks!

  6. Oh VBG is such a sweetheart love the brooch and thermometer - its even better that it works well!

  7. I also have Bambi, the Thermometer. And about 20 or so others besides! We share this big Bambi love. And the crocheted-card boxes, obviously. Go us!


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