Thursday, September 26, 2013

To think, to dream, to enjoy the details

Hi everyone, I have been occupied with other things recently and not been able to blog.  However, I have saved up quite a few things to share with you.  

A couple of weeks ago I helped 11yo with her wearable art project based on Artemis.  We went out to a great garage sale fund raiser event where all the money raised went to the Hospice Shop and afterwards we went to the Sally Army and the actual Hospice Shop in Mosgiel.  We found a great cardigan/vest which I converted into a hooded cape for her costume.  I found a great selection of train books for Dear H, and for myself, a yellow necklace below (I think they are pop beads) and a cute house key ring, which is also a tape measure. 

Yellow and purple beads, tape measure house, paisley socks and furry shoes. 

The colour orange seems to appeal to me at present - the Mosgiel Hospice Shop above is a great shade of orange, and the knee high socks (right) are paisley with orange and green and purple. 

I finally wore the green Lady Lichfield Shirt (because I finally ironed it!):

Polyester Shirt and velvet skirt both from Toffs, jacket and boots from Hospice Shop
Last weekend my 11 yo and I did a quick tour of the op shops on Saturday morning and we had a great time.  We found a great vintage suede Jacket which fits her perfectly - in the $2 section at Toffs.  Bonus.  I was very restrained.  So much so, in fact that I even dreamed about an item which I had seen but did not buy.  The next day I was in state of anxiety wondering if I could message the op shop via Facebook and ask them to hold the item.  11 yo told me it was wrong op shop.  I had it really bad.  So, after a calming swim, we went past the right op shop in case it was open.  It was.  11yo leapt out of the car and ran in to see if the lust-object was still there.  It was.  I nearly burst with happiness.  So, what got me in this state?  Well here it is:

Sigh.  I just love it - I think its a drinks container perhaps for a bottle of wine.  I guess its from the 1960s or 70s.  It is so kitschy and awesome.  The little slot machine works too (well you have to be really careful).  A couple of the poker chips are missing but that doesn't worry me at all.  I intend to use it as a handbag.

Anyway, you might be wondering what I have been up to over the last few days/couple of weeks which has meant that I am not blogging.  Well I have been preparing an oral submission to a select committee about an upcoming Bill which is going to parliament.  Its about changing the employment laws to make things more flexible - but it really only benefits the employers and as I am a union delegate I put in a submission with a group of other delegates saying that we think the proposed legislation is a backwards step in industrial relations!  I had to do my submission via teleconference rather than in person and today was the day when I had to present.  I dressed up specially, to make myself feel good!  I was very nervous but it was such a great feeling to be part of the democratic process. 

I found the shirt in the St Vinnies yesterday lunchtime for the princely sum of $5.  I have wanted a photographic print shirt for ages and ages and I was absolutely delighted to find this one.  The shoes were found at the same shop a couple of weeks ago for $2.  The boucle skirt was 50 cents and a dear colleague gave me the tights. 

Just re-looked at my photos and laughed to myself. One day I will post an outfit photo and one of my silly cats will be at the cat flap waiting to come inside.  Also I see that the chair leg is in the shoe pic!

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the changing seasons.  Now my submission is behind me I will be trying to blog a bit more often. 

Bye for now, 



  1. Well done! I am a public servant so I am not allowed to make any political comments on Facebook or other public forums. It is unbelievably hard.

  2. good on you, and thank you-your standing up for us all by submitting against. i'll say one good thing for the national government, it's turned me into a political animal! i have been emailing mp's over the gcsb bill, the off shore oil drilling etc etc.

    ps love your green shirt and the wee house pendant is cool!

    ps. love

  3. your object of lust was well worth going back for. About ironing: I wait until I has tons then do it all at once. I really hate ironing.

  4. Good for you, well done for delivering the submission - it does sound a bit scarey!
    Love that crazy drinks container, and the photographic print blouse is amazing, I've never seen fabric like that before. xxxx

  5. That last blouse is one of the most unique garments I've ever seen!

  6. Excellent of you to speak up!! Everyone needs to follow your example. Really well done, and your outfit was a tremendous super power strategy. Freaking awesome blouse and teal tights. The drinks container as a hand bag? Genius. Hopefully that little slot machine will magically pop out money on demand.


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