Monday, October 7, 2013

Beautiful Dunedin Scenery with a bit of thrifted fashion thrown in for good measure

Hi Everyone, I am currently enjoying a week with my 11yo (its week two of the school holidays). Dear H did the first week and I am doing the second.  

The weather has been lovely and springlike - on Sunday 11yo and I went out to visit a friend....

view of Deborah Bay over to the Peninsula, unusual patterned Mallard drake duck and expectant does
I am really looking forward to seeing the does have babies - my friend's back garden faces several paddocks of deer. 

Isn't the view from her house amazing?  (photo below) A silly goose is nesting right beside the road - its so narrow its barely wide enough to walk, but she has chosen that as her nesting site.  A road on one side and drop down into the harbour on the other.  Maybe she feels safe from predators like dogs and possums.

Not a great outfit photo but the view is amazing (skirt, top and cardi all thrifted) necklace gift, leggings and shoes both retail.  Road sign warning drivers of the silly goose

Yesterday 11yo and I did a bit of a shop-a-thon in town and took the cat to the vet to get his teeth cleaned (all good did not need anaesthetic which is better for him and for my wallet).  I wore the top that Indigo Violet gave me, as a dress with thick opaque tights which I found in the supermarket no less.  An amazing shade of burnt orange.  There was a lovely sunset last night - shepherds delight and everything. 

Slinky knit top worn as a dress, gift from Indigo Violet, boots and cardigan from hospice shop.  Kick ass kungfu slippers with "ka-pow" graphic too good to say no to, $9.95 retail.

While shopping for a black pair of high top canvas boots, with black soles which look like Converse but are a heck of a lot cheaper I spotted these cute kungfu style slipper/flat shoes with "ka-pow" embroidery.  I just could not say no to them - they matched my tights perfectly.

Today we went to the Botanic gardens on the Quest for Ducklings.  Since I saw a mother duck and her brood crossing the highway near the stadium last week I have been on the lookout for some cute bundles of down so I can take some photos.  Alas, our quest was unsuccessful.  However, we did find the worlds largest cone.  Now from a distance it looked like a beehive, or even a large partially eaten Easter Egg, but as the Botanic Gardens does not have bee hives nor is it Easter, we were compelled to go and check it out:

Giant cone sculpture.  Brown polyester home-made vintage dress, thrifted - worn with orange cardigan for a change!
It is a sculpture which was gifted to the city by immigrants from Lebanon.  It was warm in the sun but cold in the shade if you know what I mean.  I love the shapes of the echium (top left) and the white daffodils (bottom left).  Spring is definitely springing.  There are lambs in the paddock behind my house - too far away to photograph.  

I am going to close off up with a close up - of a beautiful peony in the Botanic Garden:

Beautiful peony.
 So that's what I have been up to for the last few days.  I am so enjoying being away from the W place.  We are planning to go to Milton to see the Two Squirrels later in the week and I have had my arm twisted promised to take 11yo to The Smurfs 2. 


  1. The green dress looks amazing, especially with the orange tights!

  2. I LOVE your new slippers and the tights are fab! Looks like you're enjoying lots of adventures this week :D

  3. Love that top with the orange tights, you look fantastic! Thanks for taking us on that walk with you, your friend's view is stunning. xxx

  4. Those kaboom shoes are really cute and I love the bright outfit to go with them. What a beattiful place your friends lives!

  5. enjoy your visit to the Squirrels, their new shop looks awesome

  6. I saw some adorable paradise ducklings when I went to the Botanic Gardens here the other day. I love the top worn as dress with the orange tights.

  7. Love that sculpture, the flowers, and the amazing views. And wow, you should wear short dresses more often, you have fabulous legs! xxxx

  8. I'm now following your cute your sense of colour and style xx


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