Friday, October 11, 2013

Outram, Sinclair Wetlands, lambs, Milton and Two Squirrels

Hello, the broadband is actually working this morning and I have been able to upgrade my Adobe Flashplayer AND read blogs AND am about to publish another post.  All in one interrupted internet session.  Its almost too good to be true so lets get started.

On Wednesday 11yo and I hopped in the car with Milton as our destination.  On the way we got off the main highway and did a little detour to Outram.  Having read about Violet's recent trip there I was hoping to visit the collectable shop there.  Alas, it was closed :-(  However, as a consolation, we went to the cafe 8 on 87 (number 8 on Highway 87).  Anyway, its a converted cottage and very cute: 

8 on 87 cafe in Outram - love these copper light fittings, lime green espresso machine with matching feature wall, art on an old saw in the toilets (not for sale)
Despite the fact that Outram is not that far from Dunedin, it somehow took us more than a hour to get there (unanticipated road works).  Replenished with lovely chocolate cake and hot chocolate we pointed the car in the direction of the Sinclair Wetlands.  I have been wanting to see ducklings since last week when 11yo and I saw a family crossing the motorway near the stadium.  

Sinclair Wetlands - we saw lots and lots of cute lambs jumping all over the place but no ducks :-( Penny-Rose is wearing a vintage Bonds dress with thrifted boots and leather jacket.

The wetlands is a scenic drive along gravel roads and bordered by a forest and hills.  There were more lambs than I think I have ever seen, but no ducks.  The only bird life we saw were a couple of pukeko and a hawk.  All the ducks must have been hiding.  Undeterred we pressed on towards Mecca Milton.  

Acting as my scout 11yo shrieked out "there it is" as we drove down the main street.  Yes, she had spotted the gorgeous Two Squirrels sign.  I have to say being able to park in the main street of a town and not worrying about paying for parking is a major bonus.  We parked the car and called in to the Salvation Army store, then the Hospice shop, then an antique store, and then a kind of odd second hand store before entering the Squirrels kingdom.  

Two Squirrels Vintage clothing and Curios, Milton

 I can tell you Vanessa and Warren are artists - they have an eye for detail, design and composition.  The the store is beautifully laid out - it was absolutely gorgeous.  Each display area was exquisite. I took no photos because I was moving from one display to another like a bumble bee in a peony garden.  With so many gorgeous things to look at it was great that I had my 11yo scout with me.  She pointed out various items and assisted me when I tried on a dress and gently tugged my arm when I was visibly drooling over the handbags.  Vanessa and Warren have an enormous glass jar of sherbet fizzy lollies which went down a treat.  Everything from the fabulous mannequins in the window, stunning clothes, hats and bags and the displays of furniture, toys and books, down to the smallest detail of polka dotted bags is evidence of their love for all things vintage. 

Thank you Squirrels, we had a lovely time visiting you, and we will be sure to visit again!

All for now, dear readers, I am planning another mission - Operation Woodhaugh, the quest for ducklings continues.  



  1. Frisky lambs and delightful Squirrels make up for the lack of ducks! How good to visit Vanessa and Warren's shop, it looks so beautiful. xxxxx

  2. It's always cute when your kids point things out and want you to try on things...sounds like you had a nice time x

  3. Oh I want to visit the squirrels too! This looks like a fun road trip :D

  4. ARGH! I'm SO gagging to get there. Can't believe Milton has so much great shopping! I thought it was a blink and you miss it kind of town!!!

  5. Oh sweet thank you so much for the lovely was so nice to have you come and find a looked amazing in the dress, and I was so happy the cute kitten card box went to you. The next morning at 10am opening a man came in to buy it.......sorry it went to a lovely new owner I said.....tee hee.
    Sending much love v

  6. So lovely to be able to follow along on your lovely journey! Thank you for sharing!


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