Friday, October 11, 2013

Houston, we have a major problem.....

Dear Readers and Followers,
I need to confess something.  I have a major space problem.  I have more clothes than my wardrobe can fit and I have been using my 11yo's wardrobe to store bulky furry coats (all three of them) my cloak and my raincoat and three or four summer dresses and skirts which have full skirts and won't fit comfortably in my wardrobe.  Things were going well, and then the other day, I was confronted with this:

Wardrobe rental  information.  Copyright Penny-Rose.

I need your advice: should I pay up or negotiate?  I mean, my teddy bear coat takes up as much space as three or four dresses.  Any advice would be much appreciated*.

But what the frock, its Friday and I have had a great week away from the "W" place.  Here I am enjoying a few rays of sunshine at the end of the day - 

Orange and Purple: recycled sari skirt, retail, boots, top, cardigan all from the Hospice Shop.  Necklaces both thrifted.

Yes, my hair has had a chop (earlier this week) and I played with my electric heated rollers this afternoon (purchased from the Hospice Shop a couple of months ago for about $7).  The recycled sari skirt was a retail buy in Ashburton a couple of years ago.  The top, cardigan and boots all came from the Hospice shop.  Both necklaces were thrifted too.  I really like purple and orange together - there's a kind of harmony in the paisley pattern which I find very appealing.

Right, the internet (broadband!!! - my backside is broader than the broadband we get in my suburb) is really flakey tonight so I will have to post about my trip to Milton tomorrow.  Hope you are all having a very good Friday night!


 * For those of you who are wondering what "dun dun dun" means imagine singing it in a serious low voice accompanying a scary part of a movie.  Being a parent is like a scary movie sometimes, but at the moment its more like a comedy :-)


  1. Loving your new hair, it's gorgeous at that length, really suits you.
    Got to laugh at your daughter - can see her on The Apprentice in another 7 years. xxx

  2. Tee hee I have just got Warren to read the rent demand........she is on to something, I think there are a few partners around who need to use her business plan to.....perfect.
    So so lovely to see you the other day sweet and thank you so very much for coming to squirrel land, so very kind.......I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love the curls........v

  3. You look very good in orange and your hair suits you!

  4. I had a good giggle at M's sign....she is rather cunningly clever isn't she? I don't know how to advise you on that one. But a collector has to grab all the wardrobe space she can! I would be in major trouble if I lived in NZ & had a need for all sorts of coats, they take up so much space. I LOVE your hair like pretty. I love the curl & the length. And orange looks so good on you. I can't wait to read about your trek to Milton. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Xx

  5. I got the "dun dun dun" reference immediately! Hmmm, tricky problem. How much do you love your coats? If you don't want to ditch any, I say pay up; the rates are reasonable, but don't let your daughter know that - negotiate hard!
    Love the shorter hair and the curls, so very pretty, as is the outfit. Orange and purple are fabulous together.
    Enjoy your weekend! xxxx

  6. I have an old house with few closets. I bought a rolling rack for overflow clothes. No more storage problem

  7. Your hair looks great madam! And I loooooooooooove me some recycled sari skirts. I would wear one everyday if I could afford more. I only have one really long stiff one that I wear for belly dancing.


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