Saturday, October 19, 2013

Four fine frocks

Hi Everyone, its been a gorgeous weekend. Here's a quick run down on what I have been doing:
Yesterday we visited the iconic Dunedin railway station to see the New Zealand on the Move travelling display by NZ Rail (see bottom right).  In the afternoon I made a quick trip to Toffs and then came home and did lots of washing - drying everything in the lovely warm breeze.  In between loads of washing I managed to do some weeding which was very satisfying.  

Okay, lets get to the good stuff: Frock on Friday and Frock on Saturday:

Frock on Friday: polyester dress with grey velour jacket, both from Toffs. Red border print polyester dress $1 from Presbyterian Support Shop with retail jack and shoes.  Cute cream knitted bag from Toffs.
Friday's look was all blue-purple-turquoise.  When I washed this dress yesterday I realised that it has been shortened as it has a huge hem.  Saturday was a casual day and I had bad hair so I put on a hat and dressed around it.  The border print red dress has been taken in - when I got into the cab of a diesel locomotive I felt an ominous pull and felt something ripping.  Sure enough it had been taken in about two inches from hem to arm pit.  Again, when it was washed I realised the extent of the modification.  I think the dress will need to be put on the sewing pile before its worn again.  Don't worry there are no holes because the original seams are okay.  It just looks a bit funny.  

This post is entitled Four Fine Frocks and here are the other two: 

I have two Osti dresses which are the same style and different colours.  They are different sizes too.  I wore them both this week and thought it would be nice to make a collage of both outfits.

Pink Osti Dress $2 from Toffs, with pink cardigan from Savemart.  Tights and shoes retail.  Blue Osti Dress from St Vincent de Paul, turquoise cardigan and cream boots from Hospice Shop.  Cute kitten pendant necklace and purple tights both retail.
My goodness I love polyester frocks - they wear well, they wash well, and they rarely need ironing.  I hang most of mine on hangers once they are line dry and air them in the house.  Okay, the broadband is letting me down again and I am going to post this before the who thing crashes and causes my reconditioned lap top to cr*p out.  Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. That hat really suits you. Shame about the frock disaster but there's something strangely therapeutic about repairing a beloved dress, isn't' there? That kitten brooch is so cute. x

  2. Oops! It sounds as though the red dress is repairable, so that's not such a such a disaster! I love all the colours and accessories, you look gorgeous. xxx

  3. You never know what you'll find when you turn something inside out! Glad to hear the red dress is ok

  4. Polyester FOREVER!! I am so glad there are other ladies in the world that love polyester as much as me - I have friends that think I'm quite made for loving polyester so much. Do those tights have wee hearts on them? Super cute! How fun to find the same dress in a different colour palate:)

  5. Oh so many wonderful vintage dresses.....yay......I just love the pretty pink Mary-Janes.......they are gorgeous. I hope you have a great week. Love v

  6. love the summery pink and blue cardy

  7. Beautiful Frocks! Very good finds.

  8. Those are colorful frocks, i like how you styled everything
    I'm love with the kitty pendant - That's a nice find



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