Friday, November 1, 2013

I sense a disturbance in the internet universe

Hi everyone, I have had a few continuous and annoying technical difficulties over the last week or so :-(  very erratic internet connection which has prevented me from blogging.  Luckily I have been able to do plenty of reading and have enjoyed the Halloween highjinks many of you have posted about.  Here in Dunedin, NZ we are entering spring with a vengence with so many lovely rhododendrons are flowering, as well as all the native flowers.  

Right this selection of photos are not really up to date (no FOF for me today) but I think they will show you how I am enjoying the warmer weather:

Black and white dress from Hospice Shop and Vintage black necklace from the Presbyterian Support Shop in St Andrew Street, Kapow slipper shoes, hair bow, belt and Bonds tights, all retail

Folk art plaque - handpainted Kereru (NZ wood pigeon) on Kauri dated 1940, $3 from Presbyterian Support, Mother and Ducklings swimming happily in a puddle near the harbor

1980s  polyester dress from Toffs $2, worn with Melissa pink shoes and tights gifted by a colleague.  The hat is modern but it was at the St Vinnies for $2.

1980s polyester dress from Toffs $2 worn with modern cardigan found at Hospice shop for $5, bracelets both thrifted. Kapow slippers (already been worn so many times they were worth buying retail for $10)

So, these few snaps give you an idea of what the weather's been like.  11yo turned into a 12 yo a couple of weeks ago and we went out for a lovely lunch with her and her best friend, then on to Aramoana for a frolic in the sand.  I have gone "duck" mad having seen several mother ducks with their broods trying to cross the main road - hence the duck photo. 

That's all folks, I detect a disturbance in the internet so must press "publish", hope you all had a great Halloween and a very happy Friday ;-)


PS 12 hours later and still trying to upload this blog this rate I will be blogging monthly!  


  1. Oh I love all your lovely outfit posts - its rather lovely not to have to wear a coat every single day isn't it! How amazing is that Kereru painting? I love it - can't believe it was only $3!

  2. Perhaps the internet coverage is one reason why we shouldn't move to Dunedin?? That's about the only negative I can think of! Love all of your frocks & accessories, especially the last one with the tights. There's just something about baby anything.....I'd be following the duckies around like a mother hen too! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx

  3. I love your frocks and you team them up so well! Hope you have a great weekend!X

  4. It's great to see you in short sleeves and sunshine. I do like to see my blogger buddies enjoying the lighter months when I'm shrouded in darkness! Shorter dresses really suit you, you've got lovely legs! xxx

  5. Love the monochrome pleated dress and the splashy blue/yellow print dress.
    We have had a very sluggish and temperamental internet connection lately too, it's driven me mad, so I can sympathise! xxxx

  6. Love these two dresses, the second one desrprende with this print as much light as spring ... It's great that you're in short sleeves ... sun is shining here, but soon will be cold ... Happy weekend dear friend.

  7. Oh sweet we have a terrible time to with the internet connection.......drives me crazy.
    Ok what a fabulous catch up......loving the little black slipper shoes...very cute.
    The black & white dress is classic.......wonderful for the sunny days to come.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    Love v

  8. You are so gorgeous - I especially love the black and white dress with the flower. And I am duck mad too - there are several duck families on campus where I work and I love when they cross at the pedestrian crossing! Hope you are having a delightful weekend,

    Sarah xxx

  9. What a bummer that you're having trouble with your internet. I love the white frock with yellow flowers. It looks fabulous with the blue cardigan.


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