Thursday, November 28, 2013

The return of Penny-Rose to the Blogosphere

The internet at home has failed me for a few weeks - hence the lack of posts - and my online presence has been restricted to being able to post the odd comment and tick few likes on Facebook pages of my lovely followers. 

I have typed and re-typed this paragraph a few times.  Should I actually put it in writing?  Would I be burdening you?  I have been a bit blue, to be honest.  So, without the ability to blog, I got a bit lost (in a psychological kind of way), and then my style and colour mojo went out the window (I actually wore austere dark colours one day).  It's not like I am ashamed to say "I have been getting a bit depressed", but I am a bit hesitant about saying it out loud.  What the hell, I'll just post about it on my blog.  I went to see my doctor today and got my happy pills increased because as I told him, I could look over my shoulder and see that all familiar dark cloud swirling behind me, trying to creep forward without my noticing and then wrapping itself around me.  Blogging is good for me because I can express myself better in photos and colour and words.  Blogging helps.

Outfit for Halloween - pumpkin colours: vintage homemade dress found at Restore, worn with tights and Italian leather boots from Toffs $2.
The boots don't show up well in the photo but they are just gorgeous - but, sadly after wearing them for one day at work my ankles swelled up and made me miserable.  So I got out my trusty eyelet punch and made more holes in the leather straps in an attempt to get a bit more circulation space.  I will wear them again, but if they cripple me again they are destined to be on-sold.

The weather over the last couple of weeks or so has been unseasonably lovely...and I bared my legs before Labour Weekend.  Don't remember this happening in recent history.   (Labour Day is the 4th Monday in October and the preceding weekend is the first public holiday since Queens Birthday in June). 
Yellow cotton blend dress - possibly from the 1980s?? found on the $2 rack at Toffs, worn with black belt, shoes and accessories, including a hat found at the St V de Paul. 
 The colour of this dress is more accurate in the top right photo with the bunny necklace.  I like the crispness of yellow with black together. 

Pleated cream granny skirt worn with a made-by-me top and a Toffs Glengyle cardigan.  The $1 shoes are from Presbyterian Support and the necklace is a vintage find.  The wrist candy is all retail and the Pandora bracelet was a gift from my darling family.
When I wore this outfit to work, 3 colleagues asked me if I had a job interview!  It is perhaps a bit more demure than some of my other outfits - do I exude administrative excellence in this combo?  Just in case you are wondering I was not going to a job interview (although I may go to one in the future).  I merely wanted to go for the light floaty effect - in fabric and in colour.  

I usually forget to take photos in the weekend, but one Saturday this is what I wore to the art gallery:
Pink cotton/linen dress with tag torn out from Toffs $2, worn with turquoise cardi from the Hospice shop and green tights from the Hospice Shop.  The kitsch knitted bag was also a Toffs discovery. 
The inspiration for the outfit is the boots, which, although a poxy shade of pink, are decorated with turquoise, pink and green flowers.  The Retro Pin up necklace was won in a Facebook give-away by Jorjalicious Dome Jewellery. The pin-up looks like she has received a nice cheque from the Inland Revenue - don't you think??

The photographic exhibition I went to see was of Gregory Crewdson.  He takes photos of the most amazing scenes which are incredibly detailed but also spooky because they appear vacant when you first look at them, and then BAM you are hit between the eyes with something really confrontational.  You can read more about him here.  The exhibition is called In a Lonely Place and I just loved it.  

'kay, that's all I can get out of my head for the time being.  I'll be doing a massive read of all the wonderful blogs I follow over the weekend.

Bye for now



  1. Oh I've missed you my dear! I was starting to worry about you, & I kept checking that I hadn't missed a blog post. I'm so glad to see you again!!! But reading your post makes me miss you & long for a good coffee & shop at Toffs. I'm sorry you've been feeling blah, but hurrah for the happy pills. I hope they kick in ASAP. I love that first frock so much....definitely one of my faves. SO you. And I really like the contrasting colours of the last outfit. You look so pretty. Sending my love! Xx

  2. I've been missing you too and I have to confess I've been a bit down too. But blogging does help and so do legit drugs.

  3. Lovely to see you back and looking fabulously bright and cheery. Sorry you've been struggling and pleased things are getting better.
    That last outfit is my favourite, the colours are gorgeous together and your hair is looking super-sharp and modette-fab! xxxx

  4. Oh I am sorry you've been feeling down. You're right - there is absolutely NO shame in it, and I like my bloggers honest and open, so I completely appreciate you sharing your feelings with us. Hope you feel lots better soon. All the outfits are fab! Love the orange print frock, and the yellow, and the pink! Oh, and the pretty pleated skirt too. Stay well! xxxxx

  5. P.s. I love your haircut and let's have a blogger meetup soon. I agree totally with Curtise - being honest is a compliment to your friends.

  6. Cute outfits! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, hopefully blogging will help. Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving your sweet comment:-)

  7. Ugh, I know all about that dark cloud... sneaky sucker. Lack of great distractions like the internet doesn't help either. Hope you feel better. Love the bunny necklace by the way.

  8. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling your usual self. It's good that you went to see the doctor though. I love the orange paisley dress.

  9. Thank you for sharing my dear ... well done for getting down to the doc's pronto when you recognised the first signs of unwelcome changes. It's good to hear that blogging takes the edge off and helps you to float through the grey days, not good that your interwebz has been down. You are adorable and I especially love your yellow and black combo (LEEEEEEEEEEGS!!!!) and your art gallery outfit. Big hugs to you lovely. xoxoxo

  10. Hey Penny, I think it's awesome that you're not only seeking help for the dark clouds but are able to be open about it on your blog. I know what it's like to not notice it coming and then find yourself totally immersed and unable to get out of it. Rest assured you have the support of your many readers and it is good to hear that blogging helps and that you are able to recognise the things that help lift you even a tiny bit. Stay fierce and stay with us. xoxo


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