Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frock on Friday, a few polyester dresses and more

Hi everyone, are you all glad that it is Friday?  I sure am.  It's been a busy week.  Thank you to all those who posted lovely comments on my last post.  The world is a much smaller place with the internet and I feel so lucky to make friends the world over who are supportive and understanding.  

I have a few photos to post but I want to start with what I wore today for Frock on Friday.  In a rare move I actually came home and put on another Frock.  Here they are: 

Left Blue polka dot and stripe polyester dress of unknown vintage, discovered on Trademe.  
Worn with blue plastic sandals from Factorie.  
Right a relation of a muu-muu found in at Toffs.  
There was one in greens and blues but I decided it would be greedy to buy both.  
I love the lurid pink.  It was only $2. 

The garden is looking stunning at the moment.  
I have grown some very large lupins and my beloved peonies are also flowering. 

Here are a few photos from the last few weeks which due to internet modem problems have not been blogged. Some of you might recall that I have been very interested in ducks recently.  I was delighted to find a family of geese protecting three fluffy goslings when I visited a friend a few weekends back. 
  One of my favourite blue polyester dresses from the Milton Salvation Army.
Worn with a genuine vintage Canterbury jacket which I cut shorter. 

I have decided that on days when I don't feel like being in a photo (or I take photos and I think they are hideous) I am going to take lots more pics of my accessories - jewellery and bags and belts and shoes. 

Here is a collage from earlier this week when I wore green and gold and brown:

Green polyester Norman Linton dress (Trademe), green beads which were originally a longer necklace but I shortened to a choker and a bracelet.  Kookaburra brooch, $1 from a market in Ranfurly, Brass rose bracelet from Blenheim, other bangles thrifted.  Green bead ring from the Hospice Shop $2 and Mood ring $1 from a fair at Warrington. 

Despite my love of green I do seem to wear a lot of blue:
 Vintage polyester Trevira dress - the only dress I have ever found which has armpit pads to soak up odours.  I removed them as I found them creepy.  They were clean.  Almost as if the dress had never been worn.  Another Trademe find.  The blue flower ring was a retail splurge.  I just love the colour.  

Oh, and then there is my love of pink:
Modern unknown brand tee shirt from the Hospice Shop $2, Modern brand (forget name) pink floral skirt $3 from Toffs, pink Melissa Shoes, pink bangles and a cute ring found at the $2 import store. 
I included the sunset because I wanted another pink photo and I could not find one.

Okay, the heater in this laptop is about to go Chernobyl so I am going to post this before something bad happens.  Did I tell you that you are all wonderful?  Well you are.  Hope you are having great Friday night.  xx


  1. I'm sure I saw that pink dress in Toffs! I love the blue stripy one too.
    Can I be your personal shopper?

  2. Explosions of colour. I love it! Go ahead - be greedy. That pink muu muu is a dress after my own heart. I feel the sunshine in these photos. And I'm glad you are blossoming again as well. Hugs.

  3. sometimes polyester can look so good!!! especially the 3rd look is so amazing. the blue/white print of the dress with the widl-ish print of the jacket. so fun!

  4. Love the bright pink muu-muu, and the peonies too, of course! All three blue dresses are delightful, I especially like your favourite one with the jacket. Hope you're feeling OK. xxxx

  5. I love your colour matches! Your frocks are wonderful!

  6. I have fallen in love with your jacket.
    Wonderful looks.

  7. love the pink tropical dress. You got a boat!

    love the colors of the lupins

  8. I love seeing your multiple frock posts....what a treat! I love the first blue & white one. It's such a great print. And I love the blue frock with that crop patterned jacket. It's a lovely unexpected combination. The pic of the green accessories make me go all ga-ga. You know I adore green bling! And the Trevira frock is super cool. I love the stripes & pockets. I hope you had a relaxing weekend, & that the week ahead is as bright as you! Xx


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