Monday, December 9, 2013

Art Deco Skirt, my talented daughter and review of Restore, Dunedin

Hi everyone, I have had one of "those days" at work which can only be remedied by chocolate.  How do you de-stress after a difficult day?

Today I wore one of my all-time favourite skirts - with an Art Deco borderprint.  I am laughing in the photo because my beloved Black Cat "Handbag" was literally trotting towards me.  He loves being in my blog photos. 

 Art Deco border print skirt - age uncertain possibly from 1970s judging by the sewing.  Bought at Savemart in Blenheim.  Shirt, jacket, belt and necklace all thrifted.  Pink Flower from KMART.  Melissa Shoes. 

I want to show-off a couple of things made by my very talented 12yo daughter.  Look what she brought home on Monday amazing backpack with cool fabric which is a map on London...and she also made her Dad a cushion to take to the cricket!!!  Isn't that so sweet??

Finally I want to show you some of the "goodies" on sale at the local Restore shop. 12 yo and I visited on Saturday while Dad was watching NZ vs West Indies at cricket.  Honestly there there was so much more I could have photographed, this is just a sampler!
The doll was in terrible condition - as you can see from her crooked eye - but I felt compelled to sit her up a bit straighter and take her photo.  There were about 20 or 30 pomanders and some impressive casserole dishes.  I bought nothing but did enjoy my fossick.  I wore a thrifted tee shirt and jeans both from Toffs and a vintage choker.  

Restore has been tidied up and some of the displays have been changed.  In the room out the back where the furniture is stored there used to be area for stuff that really should have gone to the dump.  Its all gone now and the furniture area is looking much tidier.  The paintings and mirrors are better displayed and some of the book area has been removed to make more space.  All in all very worthwhile improvements.   

Time for more chocolate, hope you are all having a good week, Penny-Rose xx


  1. The skirt looks great on you, and the gold belt! I was also in Restore on Saturday but unfortunately missed you. I found a gorgeous 1960s sewing pattern for 20c. The pomanders cracked me up, as Mum had a huge collection.

  2. Ooooooooh your lassie is a natural at sewing and making awesome gear! When does she open her Etsy shop? I WANT that cushion so bad!!!! And, your skirt is beautiful and you look amazing in all those wonderful colours ... shoes! Flower! Belt! Isn't lovely to get out and have a rummage with our girls? xoxoxoxo

  3. Chocolate is one of my favourite de-stress remedies.
    Your daughter has talent. I would be very happy and proud to carry around such an incredible backpack and cushion.
    Finally, your skirt is great. You can never go wrong with art deco.

  4. Wine. Love a de-stress, wind-down glass or two of wine!
    Love that skirt, those 70s-does-30s Deco-style prints are so gorgeous. And I love the laughing photo too! Your daughter obviously has a talent for sewing, good girl! And a good rummage for treasure is always a great pick-me-up. xxxx

  5. That skirt is fab, Curtise gave me some very similar fabric, you've inspired me to crack on with making something! Your daughter is a clever lass! x

  6. Yip chocolate is the best thing to help you distress......I hope you are feeling better soon sweet.
    That skirt is amazing.....what a wonderful print.
    Your daughter is a clever poppet the bag and cushion are fantastic.
    Sending a big squirrel v

  7. I LOVE that skirt!! Your wee girl is quite the sewist - yah!! That makes me happy. That doll is kind of creepy, but compelling at the same time....

  8. Darling, your daughter is indeed talented!!!
    Your skirt is amazing, and I'm dribbling over that yellow blouse bottom left.....!

  9. Uhm, stress! I hate stress, it consumes our lives. I'm really fascinated with that wonderful skirt and sewing your daughter .. Amazing! Happy (almost) weekend, darling.

  10. Forgive me for the late comment! Love the maxi skirt, it's so you. Miss M's sewing creations are wonderful. She is so clever! I do love a fossick in ReStore. It's unlike anything here in Brisbane, but that back section was always a big mess. Good to know they have culled the junk. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Xx

  11. Restore is a treasure trove, my fav place for hunting out vintage unbrellas :)


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