Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't you fur-get about me....

Dear Readers, I have been a bit quiet for the last few days, but I assure you I have not forgotten you, and hope you don't forget about me. 

Yesterday was quite cold - but not raining thankfully.  So I wore what I call my Teddy Bear coat, and a dress from Toffs which is not a great fit, but I don't care, because the material is so gorgeous.  It was originally a maxi, but as I wanted to get more use from it, I had to give it the chop.  I also wore a new-to-me pair of boots found at the Hospice Shop.

 Fake fur coat, Hospice Shop $8
Vintage home-made dress, Toffs $2
Vintage bow tights, Hospice Shop $2
Black boots (modern!) Hospice Shop $3

I called into the St Vincent de Paul yesterday lunchtime and while I was looking in the linens I noticed a basket of what looked like aprons.  On closer inspection, I saw a picture of man and a woman kissing, and I thought to myself, "that's a funny thing to have on an apron".  So I tugged out the piece of fabric and what I pulled out of the basket seemed to be more like a wrap around skirt.  So I bought it ($4), loving the picture straight away and today I wore it:

Atmosphere cardigan, Hospice Shop
Black top, Toffs
Chagall wrap skirt, St V de P
Purple beads, St V de P
Turquoise beads, Jetty St Hospice Shop
Laser cut perspex Space Invader earrings, retail
Tights and booties retail 

So, I did some research and the painting is by Marc Chagall and called The Birthday.  There are two panels, so the loving couple feature on the front and on the back.  I found similar skirts on this website here

I was so delighted with this outfit that I went back to the St V de P shop today to show the staff!  Have you been back to an op shop to show off?

Bye for now, 


  1. Ooh, that coat looks so warm and cosy! Love the print on your shortened dress, and the Chagall skirt is great. xxxx

  2. That is a great flowery dress, and I never find anything at SVDP - how do you do it? Liking the jewellery too.

  3. I see why you wear the dress, love the print. That awesome skirt is why you check every bin at the shops, stuff gets miss placed. I'm always finding women's things in the men's department.

  4. I love that skirt - what a find!!

  5. The birthday is one of my favorite paintings! Love that skirt!

  6. Love that skirt! Such a funky print.


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