Monday, February 3, 2014

The beginning of a new and beautiful relationship

 Hope you are all having a good week.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that my beloved camera was in a fatal accident last week.  I did not grieve for long - the next day I went and bought a new one.  This post marks the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship!
The last photos from my Canon PSA 2300:

Osti polyester sundress worn with plastic shoes from Factorie

Once I had a new camera (Canon IXUS)  I went a little bit photo-mad - here are some selected hightlights:

Red ASOS dress $3 from Toffs - now almost a completed skirt.  The original sewing was utter shite and I did the dress a favour by cutting off the hideously unflattering top.  Barbie clothes and photo of shopper choosing "off the rack" items from "Woman Alive Sew Exciting! Sew Simple! (1974)" book from the Hospice Shop for $2.

More from Sew Exciting!  So Simple!  an amazing maxi dress for Barbie, a wrap sundress (pattern included in book), look at that maxi dress top right, I can just imagine Vix wearing it.  Bottom left the keen home sewer gazes at her fabric with unbridled passion. 

I don't want to tempt fate but now the little darlings have all gone back to school, my own included, the weather appears to have improved.  Here I am wearing a lovely sun dress in polyester with a thrifted cardigan and some more of the plastic shoes which are now my current obsession..... 

Truly Fair polyester sun dress worn with cotton cardigan.  Both from op shops.  Peach plastic shoes from Rubi Shoes.

Today I wore cotton...I was wearing a petticoat under the polka dot cotton 1980s dress, but I am a bit concerned that the photo may make it look like I wasn't. 

Cotton frock from the St V de P, shoes from Melissa online, various jewellery thrifted or retail, flower from KMART and watch from Lovisa, pin-up pendant from Jorjalicious Jewellry.
I have just done my toes nails a fluorescent green while uploading photos and faffing around with this post because I have a very important meeting tomorrow.  Its my way of thumbing my nose at conformity.  Lap top has melted into my lap now, so must log off!!



  1. Hurray for new cameras, warm weather, and fabulous sewing projects from 1974! Gorgeous summer frocks, and your shoes are such bright colours, lovely! xxx

  2. I'm glad to see you weren't cameta-less for long. I love my IXUS. Gorgeous outfits...I especially love the blue & white combo. I like those plastic shoes too but have wondered how comfy they would be. Xx

  3. There's something in the air, I replaced mine this weekend, too - couldn't stretch to an IXUS but they do look rather lovely!
    Love all those projects and I'd deffo wear that maxi in a heartbeat!
    Fab outfits, accessorised to perfection as always! xxx

  4. New camera, what fun! I would really love to see the result of the ASOS dress/skirt. Love the sound of your fluro green nails!

  5. Hurrah for a new camera! Loving all the old school sewing tips - I usually look at my fabric like that at home ;)

  6. love that cute peach plastic shoes from rubi!

  7. love that cute peach plastic shoes from rubi!


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