Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inspired by Science, St Valentines and other musings

The theme of my outfit today is "science gone wrong".  I am particularly fond of these science beaker earrings which I bought for $2 from a retail store after Halloween.  They were part of a Zombie series of jewellry.  Only the earrings appealed to me. 

I wore the dress/top which was given to me by Indigo Violet as it has a number of swirling patterns and colours which remind me of a science when I was around 12 yo and we mixed various chemicals together.  Likewise, my plastic shoes are a sulphurous yellow, the leggings like carbon, and the plaid jacket makes me think of graph paper.  I am not a scientist but I do know one quite well.  Two cheap thrifted necklaces are like a string of atoms and a mood ring is litmus paper.  The miss-matched nailpolish is an accident (I was experimenting in the weekend). 

In other outfit news, I wore this on St Valentine's Day:

Op-shopped home-made dress which has an evening or formal feel about it - the fabric is lovely and the photo does not do it justice in terms of the colours and the shine - worn with my beloved Melissa shoes, some (fake) pearl and bling jewellery and purple hair coloured by Hair Chalk. 

 and I wore sunny day last week:

The retro cotton print skirt was found at the St Vincent de Paul, and the cardigan is from the Hospice Shop.  More plastic shoes - this time with a chunky heel and in a indescribable shade of orange.  For those who are sewers, I  made the polka dotted top - from a remnant I found at a thrift shop.  I used what was my "never fail" pattern and it failed. It is a bit snug.  So I made it again and scaled it up to the next size.  This time it was too big!  Anyway, I thought I would share some nautical images - the top one is a fancy cruise ship which came to town and the bottom one is the Sea Shepherd which has been campaigning against the drilling for oil/gas.  I did have to use the zoom on the camera to get such good pics, but I know I am so lucky to live on a lovely harbour.  

Lastly, a fabric shop in town is closing down due to retirement and possibly because Lincraft is in town now.  Anyway, I scored nearly 1.5m of this amazing rayon.  Not bad for $3 a metre?

What do you think of the pattern?  Any suggestions on what I should make?  I am thinking a very simple top - to avoid cutting the pattern.

as well as hot air balloons and dancing there are also Miami style buildings and what could be two wise men and horses, a pin up in a bathing suit and palm trees!!

Hope you are all having a good week, I am going to watch Person and Interest and unpick a Mambo shirt I got from Toffs for $3.  I want to convert it to a shirt dress/ tunic.  
Bye, Penny-Rose xx


  1. Love the science earrings! And the science outfit is my favourite ;-)

  2. The science outfit is fabulous! called your jelly Jesus sandals something hilarious the other day and I can't for the life of me remember what it was. That fabric is great - a kimono style top would be great! x

  3. I like the science outfit a lot, the dress is fab and a shorter length really suits you.
    Vix's idea of a kimono top for the fabric is a good one, or a little circle skirt or shift dress, if there's enough? It's a wonderful print. xxx

  4. The swirly print dress really suits you, and I find it such an interesting print. And so is your fabric - I scored some great finds from the same closing down sale, e.g. a navy blue knit with a bright flower print.

  5. I never get tired of seeing those neon jellies!

  6. That fabric is EPIC! $3 a metre? Who could say no? Love the beaker earrings. Everytime I see your blog I want jelly shoes!


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