Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Sewing Projects

 A long, long time ago, I bought this off white polka dot stretch cotton fabric from Spotlight.  I was going to make a pinafore from the above pattern.  But, I made this

and I have finally decided that I do not like it.  The shape is wrong for me and it has been relegated to the "bottom drawer" ie only one step away from the "bag to go to the Sallies".

So I decided to re-make this pattern - only to make it a top not a dress.

So far, so good.  The dress above is the second incarnation of the pattern which I thought I had already posted about on this blog and therefore would have a photo but I can't find it.  The first incarnation was polka dot crepe chiffon type fabric - white with two shades of blue dots.  Anyway, it was a good first attempt but I would not be caught dead in it now, and yes, you guessed it, I gave it to the Sallies!!

Remember this lovely fabric I bought at Tessuti when I was in Melbourne?  Well I took the plunge, bought some poly cotton voile to use as interlining and cut out a dress.
Well, dear reader, I a wee tiny bit concerned that it will not fit over my hips.  Its a basic shift dress from the 1960s with darts on the back shoulders and darts at the bust, and to shape vertically through the torso.  I may not need these darts and due to the fine fabric I will be careful not to sew unless I have to as I can see that the fabric will be holey otherwise.  Anyway, when I have finished the polka dot wrap top I will continue on the flower dress.

Despite the unseasonabley SNOW on the lawn this morning, the day turned out fairly nice and I managed to do several large loads of washing including 6 polyester dresses including a green one with horizontal stripes bought from Trademe, one of the Milton dresses, and my beloved emerald dress.  All are now hanging in my tiny lounge airing.

So what did you get up to today????  Have you started any projects? or have you finished something?  I would love to know!


  1. Show us your washed dresses please? I bought guinea pigs and chased them as you know.Still no return should have spent my money at the opshops lol.I made a few more record bags and made a heap of errors grrr and burnt my fingers on glue gun and got frustrated and now I am catching up on my daily blog reads.

  2. I started an essay on Othello today. Somehow I don't think that it counts....

  3. I really love that material from Tessuti. Can't wait to see what you make of it!


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