Friday, November 25, 2011

Cool garden sculpture, Oamaru

 As my family and I wandered towards the historic precinct of Oamaru, 
we passed the most amazing garden.....
The first thing I saw was the cross and I wondered if it was a pet grave, 
as we walked past I saw the gravestone and the skulls and bones...

photo by Lucy Gray

....if you look at the house carefully, on right there is a huge insect and another just under the eaves on the left....what weird land were we passing through???

and then I spotted it.  It was huge and primitive.  Guardian of the graveyard....

photo by Lucy Gray
...a giant weta!

photo by Lucy Gray

When I popped back to the car after lunch to off load some purchases I could not resist the opportunity to take some photos.  I love seeing art and sculpture in gardens and in unusual places.  In New Zealand you can see giant butterflies on houses - usually Monarch butterflies.  Compared to the quaint English village where I grew up, it seemed kitsch and a bit odd.  When I bought my own house I thought about getting a giant butterfly installed but as my house faces the harbour and is battered by coastal winds I thought a butterfly would look a bit out of place.  Instead, I have a few unusual objects in my garden - one of my favourite is 
photo by Lucy Gray
my very own sphinx!


  1. Comparisons to kaftans are always fabulous and never weird. Eating stone fruit is a positive behaviour I wish to build on this summer. Hideous things for $2 a bad?! Sounds like second hand heaven.
    I like the weta. Where did you find a sphinx?

  2. Oh I love your sphinx!!! NZ is always full of surprises when it comes to garden sculptures big and small - I adore the "graveyard" - it's fantastic!!! And a giant weta - eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Aren't those heinous creatures big enough already? Hehe:)) Thanks so much for popping over and for your lovely comment. I'm originally from a drive-through-with-your-eyes-shut-town, north of Auckland called Wellsford. Following! xo

  3. There are lots of surprised like that in Omarau, i love the place. I'd rather have a giant weta sculpture than the real thing I have to say!


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