Monday, November 14, 2011

Completed Sewing Project: New Look 6349

Yesterday I completed my polka dot top made using New Look 6349.  All that I needed to do was to sew the inside button and I made a closure using some elastic.  The pattern has a bewildering wrap and tie system which I have never used.  Instead I make the external ties and a set of internal ties.  I usually use ribbon for the internal ties, but this time I thought I would try a button and elastic as (a) I don't have any offwhite ribbon and (b) I wanted a snug closure and sometimes the ribbons come undone.

The fabric is a stretch cotton with a slight satin sheen.  I just noticed that the sleeve on one side is caught up - my photographer should have noticed but he was too busy trying to take a photo/feed the cats/help with homework!  I did not need to use interfacing as the fabric is quite firm.  To ensure the facing sits flat I used some more of the magic Korbond iron on Viledon hemming tape.

The main problem with this pattern is that I am not exactly buxom and therefore it does gape a bit at the front.  I could put a hidden snap fastener, but I think it might be better to wear a brooch.  Today I wore it with the linen cotton blend skirt from the Butterflies shop ($2) and my black button Melissa shoes.

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