Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Icon Friday - Dolores Umbridge

She may look all lovely and pink like a marshmallow, 
but Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, is not a very 
nice person at all. 
 She looks inocuous - in her Chanel-inspired square jacket with detail on cuffs and pockets.  
But she is more than mean.  She is a sadist.
She has a pink tea set and she makes tea with pink sugar.  
She has pink cat/ kitten wallpaper which miows (sp!?).
While cute kittens mew, she casts a spell on Harry of self-harm and mutilation.
Pink may be the colour of sugar and spice and all things nice, 
but Dolores Umbridge is nasty like vingar and acid
and as sharp as the corners of her Lego statue

 It is very ironic that she wears soft colours and textures -
like this shawl with a large weave and frilled collar, or the pink dress with bow and cowl like collar.  She looks demure and dare I say it, a little bit like the Queen Mum!

 Pink Chanel is haute couture, but Dolores Umbridge is the highpoint of meanness.
She is one of the universally loathed HP characters.
Pity she wears such classic clothes.....


  1. She IS a nasty, but stylish, wench!!!

  2. I have always wanted a kitten plate like she has...

  3. Ha ha she is quite awful... and yet one of my favourite bad eggs in Harry Potter!

  4. I think she uses these soft colors to deceive on her personality ... so funny! However, I love, love her style!


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