Saturday, November 19, 2011

Retro Funk, Oamaru

 My eagle-eyed Darling Dear D spotted a sign pointing down an alley and look what we found!
Retro Funk store, is without a doubt one of the funkiest stores I have been to.
Look at the fabulous bikes outside....and the rainbow of coloured dresses 
adorning the exterior....
 The prices on these beauties ranged from $25 - $45 
which I thought was pretty good as the dresses were all in excellent condition.  
Sadly none of them looked like they would fit me :-(
 The entry/exit was very crowded...this day bed strewn with books and magazines caught my daughter's eye...
 I was very impressed with the huge selection of clothes and a whole corner was devoted to sewing, patterns, fabric and zips.
Despite cold hard cash burning a hole in my wallet, and seeing lots of lovely things, 
I left empty-handed.
I did manage to "hold hands" with this cool dude! 


  1. Wow! I can not believe you left empty handed ... Strong will! All these wonderful treasures in front of you ...

  2. Isn't that JUST the best shop! I must think of an excuse to go to Oamaru again!x

  3. Oamaru will be on my must do list next time I get to New Zealand....that shop looks amazing!


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