Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanks to Film Noir Photos

I follow the wonderful blog Film Noir Photos and today's image of the day is the fabulous Betty Lou Gerson in the Red Menace from 1949.

I love the dangling cigarette starkly contrasting with the confident hold on the revolver; the soft draping jersey of her dress with her neatly coiffed hair....she looks like she is one cool customer. 

The title of this post might lead you to think that I am a cool customer, but au contraire, I am actually having a "no body get me a gun" ( famous quote from Chef aka Lenny Henry) moment.  I am going to imagine myself being cool, calm, collected, coiffed, gun-toting and totally awesome.  It gonna be hard, but if I could even channel half of what Betty-Lou has going on in this pic, then I will be happy.

How about you, do you see a picture and think it sends you a message about your mood???


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