Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reader Enquiry about Vintage Clothing Shopping in Dunedin

I received an email from a reader of this blog and sadly my reply bounced back......so I have decided to turn today's post into a question and answer:

Q I am going to a function and need a dress from 1900-1920's.  I have looked everywhere in Christchurch, can you recommend any shops in Dunedin?  

AThank you for you email.  Here in Dunedin there is a delightful shop called Modern Miss in Moray Place which sells very good quality items.  Although I have not purchased anything from there, I have called in a few times and it is a lovely shop.  I have seen some very fine examples of clothing from around that time.  I would also suggest looking at Shop on Carroll which is the Presbyterian Support Shop on Carroll Street.  It has the "upmarket" vintage and retro items.  Again I have been there quite a few times - looking for vintage sewing patterns!!  but not actually bought anything to wear.  Save Mart is in Stafford Street which is just around the corner from Carroll St and I get a lot of my "treasure" from there.  

Another place worth thinking about is Oamaru - there is a clothing store in the historic precinct next to the textile museum (I can' t think of the name right now) and I have seen clothes of that era in there as well as boots, gloves hats etc.  Because Oamaru has such a Victorian theme it seems to be a good shop to go to, I got some fabulous buttons there and also a sewing book.  

Could I also suggest TradeMe??  I have seen quite a lot of art deco and similar age dresses - especially because of the art deco festival in Napier.  I look in Art Deco and Retro Clothing section.  Good Luck !

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  1. Great shopping tips!
    I know Violet from Modern Miss,but have never had the time when in Dunedin to go to her shop! I have heard it's splendid!
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to come across something Edwardian?! I would probably pee myself!
    Yes,the red tights were a surprise opshop score! I have found a couple of pairs of great condition fishnets in the last year,too.Odd!


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