Thursday, September 29, 2011

RWC Friday

Can you tell which RWC cup team inspired my outfit today??
Aye, the Emerald Isle.  Vintage emerald dress worn with $7 flowered sneakers from the Warehouse and jade glass vintage styled earrings from Java.  Today I am perched on one of the 'guest' chairs at reception.  
Thanks Tam for taking my photo!!

Here is the cardigan purchased as part of the $2 a bag Port Chalmers School garage sale.
It has a tiny hole up on the right shoulder which could be easily hidden by a big flower brooch
or something similar.  

...and here is the cute turquoise lurex top.  
Don't you just LOVE the sparkley silver bit around the neck??????
Alas my camera ran out of juice as I was about to snap the other items, so I will post photos of these later. 
The white skirt has been snaffled by my dear D, 
she wants to applique or patch a pattern of a skull and a heart.  
In the weekend I plan to adjust the turquoise pleated skirt so that it fits me and de-construct the velvet skirt.

So Dear Readers, what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Sparkles are where it's at!!! Yummy!
    I'm not sure what team I am today,I'm wearing orange/black/white! We're going to be having a big boozey weekend,love,yeah! Have a splendid one yourself!! XXX

  2. Wonderful! This turquoise outfit feels so good on you, I can love the sweater with silver appliques, love it!


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