Monday, September 26, 2011

Tuesday - things that appeal to me today

Cool Union Jack fabric - found here I want a whole dress made of this fabric - it would look so amazing.  I went looking for flags at lunch time (as NZ is hosting the event which I dare not name [RWC] ) hoping to find a union jack flag.  But, the English flag is the St George - the union jack is the flag of Great Britain!  DOH!

Amazing shower curtains like this one - sadly outside my budget but still very cool - available from Bolt of Cloth.  My dear H loves Martini and this would be a pleasant and amusing change from the aqua coloured one which hangs in our bathroom.  I love the advertising style of this poster and think that it would also look great on fabric.


  1. HELLO!!! Aren't you a sly sweetie!!! Fancy being shy around little old ME! Hahahaha,so pleased you commented,I may never have found you,and I LOVE to make new friends!I don't mind martinis,but am more of a cosmo/margarita/red wine girl,but not all at once,thanks,that gives me a hangover just thinking about it.....

  2. This shower curtain is great! I understand that you're excited about it!

  3. I bet those flag makers are happy with the union jack suddenly in vogue! Good on them.


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