Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Polyester shirt dress discovery - during a sunny Dunedin lunch-hour

At lunch time today I popped out in the car to visit the newly refurbished Salvation Army Family Store on Princes Street.  The store has moved slightly (a matter of meters) into a much bigger, brighter room which used to be a car show room I think(there is the name Morris or Austin in tiles on the floor on the corner!!)

Anyway, it was lovely and light and very well laid out.  I did my circuit in a matter of moment, noticing that the "Retro Clothes" rack does not appear to be anywhere which suggests that it depends on stock being supplied and the bulk of items are the MICC which I have bored you with before.  That being said, there were quite a few people shopping and I think the Sallies do an amazing job and I very happy to support them, knowing that they provide services the government do not. 

I then popped around the corner to ReStore which is run by the Malcam Trust and Habitat for Humanity.  This store is crowded and I mean absolutely jam packed full of stuff.  There are tables which are practically bowing down to the ground laden with plasticware, woodenware, microwave containers, NZ ceramics, glassware, plus several racks of slightly upmarket clothes and at the rear about 10 racks of clothes which are so tightly filled it is impossible to look at items without accidentally snapping the plastic clothes racks.  I did see a spectacular lavendar paisley dress with a pleated skirt and a shirt top with a pussy bow tie.  It was lovely, but it was a size 18 and I don't need it.  What I did find though was another polyester dress with one of those border hem patterns which changes up the dress.  It is mainly white, with a black pattern.   It was in the 50 cent area, but because I cannot tell the difference between the NZ 20 cent and 50 cent coins (myopia and stubborness) I gave the lovely lady $1.  Gold coins I can handle.

In other shopping news I scored an original Mary Quant Eye makeup container off TradeMe and last night, to my complete surprise won an auction for some black Melissa heels for $15. 

Lastly but no means least I went to the petshop to get some upmarket cat food for my pair of cats who turned up their noses at Whiskas steamed sardine casserole this morning.  I found the most adorable puppy.  Emphasis on all of those words.   It was a maltese terrier crossed with something else and honestly it looked like toy dog, it had cute button eyes and fur like a teddyIt was so small I could have easily put it in my handbag if it were not stuffed with purse and sunglasses and the like.  I wiggled my fingers at it through the bars and made coochy coochy noises.  Oh reader, I think I fell in love :-)

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  1. I admire you for fitting so much into your lunchtime! I didn't know the salvation army had moved! I love ReStore, they always have great bargains on kitchenware and furniture.


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